Welcome to the News section! Below is a list of my latest tracks, projects and placements. Here you can see what's going on in my studio: ongoing projects, placements in Film/TV and Video Games, etc.

Cool Mystery Puzzle game by Eric Vaughan

Posted by Christian Andersson, 2015-12-26

2015-12-26 article image

Strange Magic - Escape is a new cool puzzle game where the goal is to escape the room by solving puzzles and riddles. Search, think, point and click and enjoy some mysterious Craze Music background music. Time to use your brain and enjoy the atmosphere. :-)
The product contains track(s) from Craze Music and it is released by Eric Vaughan for Web Browser. Get it online HERE. Read more about it HERE.

More music in this style can be found in the following categories:

Introducing Fellow Composer - Jonas Hornqvist

Posted by Christian Andersson, 2015-12-11

2015-12-11 article image

Introducing Fellow Composer: Jonas Hornqvist

Craze Music is proud to present a new Fellow Composer: Jonas Hornqvist! With vicious rage and exreme skillz on his favorite instrument, heavy metal guitar, his brutal metal rhythms and licks will raise your awesome action productions to the skies. Jonas Hornqvist is a Swedish composer and multi-instrumentalist who has released CDs on major labels all over the world. He has also written two guitar books (both best sellers), performed live all over Scandinavia, and done countless sessions as a studio guitarist.
Jonas Hornqvist's other credits include: Ducati (USA) Look n' Cook (Sweden), HLR Konsulten (Sweden), Shore Sports Zone (USA), King Group Productions (USA), The B-Side Inc. (USA), Trollhattans Tomt AB (Sweden), Greenhouse Gas Management Organization (Thailand), Filmfonstret Varmland TV (Sweden), and the movies "Legend of a Hitman" and "John Hron". Jonas is also endorsed by Fender guitars and kami pickups.

Check out a couple of Jonas top-tracks below:

Resurrection (Download HERE)

Immortality (Download HERE)

Lullaby for the Sad Ballerina (Download HERE)

Check out more cool tracks from Jonas in the Heavy Metal category or visit Jonas artist profile to see all his tracks at Craze Music.

Introducing Fellow Composer - Stephan Lindsjo

Posted by Christian Andersson, 2015-12-08

2015-12-08 article image

Introducing Fellow Composer: Stephan Lindsjo

Stephan Lindsjo is an experienced Swedish composer from Falun who makes music for Film, TV, corporate videos, games, documentaries, horror, trailers and other media. Having worked with music for many years and countless license sales, including placements in Hollywood movies (e.g Puncture Wounds, from 2014 with Dolph Lundgren, Cung Le, Vinnie Jones), his music is used daily all over the world. Stephan is a skilled piano and guitar player and records many of his tracks in his own professional recording studio. Starting with a focus on acoustic guitar and piano music in the Inspirational and Emotional categories, Stephan will complement the Craze Music portfolio in an excellent way.

Check out some cool Stephan Lindsjo tracks below:

Cinematic Narrative Reflective Piano (Download HERE)

Heroic Epic Glory (Download HERE)

Sweet Acoustic (Download HERE)

Below are some typical Stephan Lindsjo categories:
Emotion / Drama / Nature
Inspirational / Easy Listening

Visit Stephan's artist profile to see all his tracks at Craze Music.

Become an Affiliate of Craze Music - 35% Provision on Sales!

Posted by Christian Andersson, 2015-12-06

2015-12-06 article image

Big News! Want to make money on someone elses work? Craze Music introduces Affiliate Bonus:
Linking or embedding the Craze Music web shop will give up to of 35% provision of a purchase when a customer used your links/embeddings. Yep - 35% - you got that right! A mighty Win-Win situtation where the affiliates gets a big part while Craze Music gets more exposure. At the time of writing this, Craze Music hosts around 2000 products and the site is continously growing.

The cool thing: Anyone can become an Affiliate! Link to Craze Music, share on social media: tracks/pages/categories/whatever. You can even embed the whole (or parts of) the Craze Music site. Actually you can create a full mirror site of Craze Music with 1 single HTML row! (See this example!)

Now, how does it work?: It's really simple. [Read HERE] to find everything you need to get started, including example code and detailed instructions. Looking forward to make future payments into Your PayPal account! :-)

Best Regards

Fun Adventure Game with Craze Music Tracks

Posted by Christian Andersson, 2015-12-02

2015-12-02 article image

New cool game with track(s) from Craze Music released by Studio 5 for Android. Buy online HERE. Two best friends go on the adventure of a lifetime while trying to get home, the road ahead is a difficult and obstacle filled journey! Try out this cool game and enjoy some of the Craze Music tracks at work. This is why I write music - to help setting a great and fun context in all kinds of scenarious, especially wonderful adventure games like this! The game will soon be released for Apple as well. Read more about it HERE.

Check out more music tracks in the Fun and Playful Music category

Craze Music hooking up with Awesome Talents

Posted by Christian Andersson, 2015-11-25

2015-11-25 article image

Yep! You got it right! Some big news coming up! The Craze Music site has grown bigger over the years, both in content and functionality. With a steadily increasing amount of subscribers and customers and a constant flow of new visitors, it feels important to fill up the gaps in the Craze Music portfolio. Being a single composer, it is impossible to be effective in all styles. Luckily, over the last years, I've come to know a couple of really cool and skilled professionals within the music industry. So, YES...! From this day, Craze Music is introducing two Fellow Composers on the Craze Music site:
- Stephan Lindsjo, who will complement and fill out the Craze Music portfolio in the Acoustic / Inspirational / Easy Listening styles, and a couple of epic/trailer style tracks.
- Jonas Hornqvist, the Master of Disaster of Heavy Metal! Great action tracks wrapped around a heavy metal core. Driving energy, edgy challenging rhytms, epic choirs. Awesome for action or trailer usage.

Working professionally with music (as normal daytime jobs), recording their music in studios, having thousands of license sales all over the world and placements in Hollywood movies, these guys are top performers.

More about these guys the coming days where I will write a couple of articles and introduce you to their portfolios. Soon, in a week or so, the plan is to show all their Craze Music tracks at their profile pages, so you can get a good grasp of their styles. Until then, you can always take a peak in the two new fresh genres:
Heavy Metal
Inspirational / Easy Listening

If you liked that everything at Craze Music was done by one single composer, the search functionality will be updated to include check boxes for [All Composers] [Christian] [Stephan] [Jonas], so you can include/exclude composers for specific searches. However, I think you will find that each composer will contribute with new great tracks, all in their own specialized styles. I look forward to showing you some of their best stuff, so stay tuned for coming updates!
Best Regards
/Christian, Craze Music

Pirate Theme with a Personal Little Story

Posted by Christian Andersson, 2015-11-13

2015-11-13 article image

Here's a story... About 4 years ago, more specifically the 22nd of November 2011, I started a new track. I came up with a really cool start. Then, I got scared. What if I couldn't finish it and realize its full potential? So I stuffed it down into the WorkInProgress-drawer, to finish when the inspiration was there. The inspiration was never there...

Over the last years, I have learned a lot. For example, often it's not about inspiration. I know it sounds so cliche, but much more often, it's just about hard work. When working hard enough, if I'm lucky, the inspiration is suddenly there when I least expect it. Yesterday, I listened to that old skech, and I thought... what the heck... why not give it a shot. So I did, and here it is. I believe I realized its potential, and I'd even say I made it much better than I would have done 4 years ago! Now, let's see... What's more in that WorkInProgress-drawer? ;-)

Enough of chit chat already! Click the picture for the YouTube version of simply check out the track below:

The track is still available for exclusive buyout. Let's say $2500. Craze Music to keep writer's share of broadcast royalties.

Fantasy Board Game Promo - Crush of Iron

Posted by Christian Andersson, 2015-11-09

2015-11-09 article image

New cool game with track(s) from Craze Music released by Alien Dungeon for Board Game. Crush of Iron is a new cool fantasy strategy game with figures. Back it on Kickstarter! More media and videos is also available at KickStarter Read more about it HERE.

Craze Music track used in the Promotion Trailer:

Click the pack link above to see all included tracks.

New Track - Chiptune Major Funk Up - Loop

Posted by Christian Andersson, 2015-09-23

2019-05-23 article image

Click the image to Download/Listen!to 'Major Funk Up'!

Description: Driving and polished groovy SID music chiptune style.

This track will soon be available in the Craze Music shop, available for licensing according to the terms below. Contact Craze Music for urgent requests.
All licenses covers Commercial Use
and YouTube vidoes without 'ads' or additional payments.

Mr Jolly and Mrs Fun in Edutainment App Book

Posted by Christian Andersson, 2015-09-22

2015-09-22 article image

South Korean company 'Doldari Co. ltd.' licensed the track Mr Jolly and Mrs Fun for use in an educational app book, Emsquare, available on Google Play..
Here is the track:

Craze Music on History Channel - Blackbeard's Ship

Posted by Christian Andersson, 2015-09-04

2015-09-04 article image

The Canadian History Channel TV Show 'Treasures Decoded' is using several tracks from Craze Music in two of their episodes, Blackbeard's Ship and Spear of Destiny.
Here are the tracks used:

Craze Music in TV Spaghetti-Mercial

Posted by Christian Andersson, 2015-09-01

2015-09-01 article image

How cool would it be to have my music placed in a 'Spaghetti Western'!? Maybe next time... because this time, it was a TV Spaghetti Commercial in Slovenia! :-) Check out the YouTube version HERE. Also the fun thing... this track wouldn't be my first guess for a spaghetti commercial, because the original full version is the majestic fantasy track Rise of an Empire! :-D

Craze Music in new Demon Souls killer

Posted by Christian Andersson, 2015-08-27

2015-08-27 article image

Uber game with track(s) from Craze Music in development by Thomas Schreiter. Dark Dungeon will be a roquelike dungeon crawler with random levels and fat action gameplay. The game play is similar to Demon Souls and Dark Souls with big epic boss fights. This is THE game I will play when it gets released. :-) More media and videos is also available at IndieDB Here's some YouTube Action. Read more about it Developer's Log HERE.

The game uses the collection Dungeon Crawler Loops - Complete containing a big bunch of dungeon crawl music. Some example tracks from the pack:

Click the pack link above to see all included tracks.

Rondo Adventure - with LOTS of Craze Music tracks

Posted by Christian Andersson, 2015-08-24

2015-08-24 article image

New cool game with track(s) from Craze Music released by AXL Dynamics for iOS/Android. Buy online HERE. Ron and Do are two jellies who live in the world of Rondo! They play with the Jelly Princess all day long and have a lot of fun! This charming game on Google Play and App Store uses plenty of Fun and Playful tracks from Craze Music: Jolly Trickster, Humpty Dumpty Doo, Tricky Adventure, Mr Jolly and Mrs Fun, Trickery Tricks. Here's some YouTube Action. Read more about it HERE.
Some of the Craze Music tracks in the game:

... and other Fun and Playful tracks!

Craze Music in TV Show - Come Dine With Me

Posted by Christian Andersson, 2015-08-20

2015-08-20 article image

At last, the Swedish PRO STIM reported the usage of Craze Music track(s) in the TV Show Come Dine With Me. Those PRO reports can be up to 18 months after usage. Hope to get it on my December statement...

Craze Music in Educational Web TV Series

Posted by Christian Andersson, 2015-08-18

2015-08-18 article image

The Craze Music track 'Drunken Sailor's Tavern' was recently used in Educational Web TV Series 'Why with Nye'. Which Episode is my track used? Actually, I don't know, but it was written in one of my music agencies' statements, and I got paid for it, so that's good enough for me. :-) Anyway, here's the track Drunken Sailor's Tavern if you want to check it out!

Lord of the Dark Castle - New Game by Craze Music!

Posted by Christian Andersson, 2015-08-17

2015-08-17 article image

YES, you heard it right! This game is actually developed by Craze Music or rather... a new branch of Craze Music, called Craze Creative Stuios. THIS is the reason why fewer tracks have been produced by Craze Music the latest year! 18 months ago, I decided that I had so much great Gothic Dungeon Crawl music, and I had a great game idea, so it was time to create my own game, and here we are: it's for real!
To check out some game action, here is the Official YouTube Trailer. Lots of information can be found at the Game Home Page. To purchase the game or download the free demo, check it out on Steam HERE. The game is a roguelike dungeon crawler in retro-style. And of course, the game contains some of the best dark and spooky gothic dungeon tracks from Craze Music. Here's a sample:

... and many more spooky tracks!

Bard's Tale at New York Public Radio (WNYC)

Posted by Christian Andersson, 2015-08-10

2015-08-10 article image

Nice to see some royalty statements coming in from one of my US music agencies, showing that the Craze Music track Bard's Tale has been played a lot on WNYC (New York Public Radio) - America's most listened-to public radio station.

Dungeon Hero RPG - Soundtrack by Craze Music

Posted by Christian Andersson, 2015-07-10

2015-07-10 article image

New cool game with track(s) from Craze Music released by Grzegorz Slazinski for Win / Mac / iOS / Android. Buy online HERE. Throw yourself into this fun newly released 3D Dungeon Crawler! Dungeon Hero is a classic style Dungeon Crawler with a Casual/Cartoony twist.

Here's some YouTube Action.
Read more in the Official Presskit.

The game is using the following tracks from Craze Music:

Buttons - Soundtrack by Craze Music

Posted by Christian Andersson, 2015-06-02

2015-06-02 article image

New cool game with track(s) from Craze Music released by Aljoscha Alexandra Bachmayer Stewart for iOS. Buy online HERE. Try out this tricky and fun problem solution game by Alexandra Bachmayer Stewart at CouchFox! Buttons!! is a tiny yet surprisingly tricky little game. Push different buttons for different actions to move the coloured buttons to their matching positions. Read more in the Official Presskit.The game is using the Children and Fairy Tales collection from Craze Music.

Craze Music at Historic Museum in Spain

Posted by Christian Andersson, 2014-11-27

2014-11-27 article image

The museum Forum Museum Caesar Augusta in Zaragoza, Spain, will use the track Curse of the Djinn in a historic documentary called 'Mercado de Augusto'.

Sweet Tooth Dragon - Soundtrack by Craze Music

Posted by Christian Andersson, 2014-10-24

2014-10-24 article image

New cool game with track(s) from Craze Music released by Ramon Simarro for (not yet released) PC, MAC, iOS, Android.Help this cute little dragon eat delicious treats in this beautiful, entertaining and colorful game for young kids. Sweet Tooth Dragon is a game about a cute little dragon that flies around from island to island looking for tasty treats to eat. As the game progresses our dragon will find some baddies that will make his quest for sweets increasingly harder. The developer aims to create more levels for a PC/MAC release suitable for older kids. Visist the developer kickstarter site if you want to support this! Here's some YouTube Action. Read more in the Official Presskit.The playful tricky track you can hear in the YouTube video is My Little Adventure.

Craze Music in New Exclusive Horror Film Trailer

Posted by Christian Andersson, 2014-10-01

2014-10-01 article image

A Californa based Hollywood Film and TV Music agency just placed this horror/mystery track Mysterious and Creepy in an exclusive Horror Film Trailer of a brand new film called 'Hollows Grove'. A classical ghost hunting story carried out in an abandoned orphanage that turns into a nightmare from which there is no escape. Check out the Film Trailer here. (Craze Music track starts at 0:33.)

Mighty Battle Upfront for Broadcast use in New TV Show

Posted by Christian Andersson, 2014-09-24

2014-09-24 article image

The trailer track Mighty Battle Upfront will be used in a new american TV Show. Former stand-up comic Jon-Paul Hutchins, now executive chef with Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Institute, judges teams of teens in an intense cooking competition TV Show airing in the US. Check out a teaser video here.

Bug Mazing 5-Star Rated Game - Music by Craze

Posted by Christian Andersson, 2014-09-24

2014-09-24 article image

New cool game with track(s) from Craze Music released by Little Bit Studio for iOS. Buy online HERE.'If your tiny tot is ready for a grand adventure in learning, look no further than Bug Mazing.' (Rated 5 stars by 'Smart Apps for Kids'). Take control of a bug hero to explore and discover a myriad of environments while trying to save the peaceful King from the bad bug forces. Here's some YouTube Action. Read more about it HERE.Here's the playful bouncy track you can hear in the YouTube video A Lively Playful Mood.

Craze Music 'Fun and Tricky Adventures' licensed for Audio Book!

Posted by Christian Andersson, 2014-09-07

2014-09-07 article image

The charming book Sunshine: A Fairy's Story is now being recorded as Audio Book. The cool news is that the fun and playful collection from Craze Music Fun and Tricky Adventures - Vol 2 has just been licensed for use in this new Audio Book!

Wild West Willy on AppStore - Music from Craze

Posted by Christian Andersson, 2014-07-28

2014-07-28 article image

New cool game with track(s) from Craze Music released by Veclab for iOS. Buy online HERE. New fun, challenging and addictive western game FREE to download to your iPhone/iPad. Read more about it HERE. Here's the fun and tricky track Mischievous Deeds used in the game

New Music Pack - Legendary Realms

Posted by Christian Andersson, 2014-06-27

2014-06-27 article image

New big discounted ready-to-go music pack! Venture into the Legendary Realms! Time to Discover and Explore! Majestic landscapes, wondrous nature, mountain plains and maybe even a dark dungeon. Soft, enchanting mood-building, covering moods like cinematic, bright, peaceful, wondrous, dreamy and even a bit of cold mystery. Also included: typical quest/adventure intro-tracks of 15-30s AND a big epic title/trailer track 'Blooming Valley'.

New Site Feature - Discount for Multiple Tracks

Posted by Christian Andersson, 2014-06-21

2014-06-21 article image

Get BIG percentage discount with the New Multiple Tracks Discount! Higher value -> higher discount. Check out the rates and discount codes.

Craze Music in New Game - Vyrim

Posted by Christian Andersson, 2014-06-12

2014-06-12 article image

New cool game with track(s) from Craze Music released by Dwarven Designs for iOS. Buy online HERE. Great strategic fantasy rpg! Stone by stone, you built your dungeon from the ground up. Your heavily armed minions are strategically positioned and as you set your final wall to create a kill zone, a loud bang is heard on the front door. Your guests have arrived. Probably from the same dungeon you invaded last night. Read more in the Official Presskit.
Hot action music tracks by Craze Music.

New TV Show Broadcast Placement - Hard Core Heroes

Posted by Christian Andersson, 2014-06-10

2014-06-10 article image

More broadcast placements by Craze Music, now on channel 'Proper Television' in the TV show Hard Core Heroes. Two big heavy powerful epic-action-build-up tracks were used. Check em' out below!

Craze Music used at Live National Championship Tournament

Posted by Christian Andersson, 2014-06-02

2014-06-02 article image

This weekend, end of May 2014, the National Championship Knight's Tournament and Medieval Market - Rikstornering - was held during two full days at Hovdala Castle in Southern Sweden. Lots of tracks from Craze Music were played all the time. From light medieval bard's music to tension building intros, grand majestic opening tracks and triumpant fanfares.Take a listen yourself to some of the tracks that were used.

New Site Feature - Hide Track Variants

Posted by Christian Andersson, 2014-05-26

2014-05-26 article image

A new feature has been added to the site. To faster browse through all unique song titles on the main page or in a category page, it is now possible to hide track variants in a search-query. Note that if ending-type or length is specified, it typically means that you are searching for a specific variant (longer, shorter or maybe a loop variant), so in these cases, the 'Hide Variants' field will be ignored. Now, let's head over to the Music Search so you can try it out yourself. :-)

New Track - Action Exotica - 2 Min

Posted by Christian Andersson, 2014-05-21

2014-05-21 article image

Listen to some new Action World Beats at Craze Music!

Description: World Music tension with lots of fun percussion and exciting beats, featuring Santoor and Shakuhachi flute.

This track will soon be available in the Craze Music shop, available for licensing according to the terms below. Contact Craze Music for urgent requests.
All licenses covers Commercial Use
and YouTube vidoes without 'ads' or additional payments.

New Track - Drama Love and Deceit

Posted by Christian Andersson, 2014-05-15

This track was just sent to the Great American Song Contest! Wish me luck, friends! :-)

Description: A typical TV-theme. A film or TV-series about love, heroes, adventures and deceits. The good guy, the bad guy, and the beauty. And the Evil Drama Queen!

This track will soon be available in the Craze Music shop, available for licensing according to the terms below. Contact Craze Music for urgent requests.
All licenses covers Commercial Use
and YouTube vidoes without 'ads' or additional payments.

Indy's Adventure with Craze Music

Posted by Christian Andersson, 2014-05-08

2014-05-08 article image

New cool game with track(s) from Craze Music released by Mixo Apps for iOS. Buy online HERE. This game is a classical fun adventure game in Indiana Jones style. Search for treasures, watch out for monsters and traps. Loads of fun! Here's some YouTube Action. Read more in the Official Presskit.
The full-action track in the background is Hunt Fight and Flee by Craze Music.

New Category - Dreamy Fairy Tales

Posted by Christian Andersson, 2014-05-06

2014-05-06 article image

I've written a couple of new tracks lately that would be nice to group in a special category. A sort of 'fairy tale' category. Sometimes majestic, but not powerful. Calm but not too dark. Happy, but not playful. I call it 'Dreamy Fairy Tales'. The following properties describe this category: Bright, Wondrous, Beautiful, Dreamy, Magical, Enchanting. Rather slow paced, no action and nothing too pompous. Soft, sometimes a bit airy... mostly happy.
Now, here's the new category Dreamy Fairy Tale Music and below are some typical examples.

Craze Music Monthly News

Posted by Christian Andersson, 2014-04-30

Time for monthly update - the latest & greatest from Craze Music

  • Placement in American film of the track Glory to the Brave One
  • Finished a customer project including 10 tracks full game soundtrack for a 1st person horror action game.
  • New ongoing customer project with ethnic style music.
  • A great new track is cookin' in the Craze Music production studio... will be one of my best ever...
This month's latest tracks:

New Site Update!

Posted by Christian Andersson Mar 07, 2014

Time for another site update!

  • The site has been a bit text-heavy, so I decided to update the page with some more pictures to illustrate all the genres in a nice way.
  • Copied the fast-pick-categories onto the main start page as well, for faster access to the music!
  • Created SEO friendly sub category links without spaces.

Broadcast Placement - Hymn to the Creator!

Posted by Christian Andersson Feb 25, 2014

I just picked up on another recent broadcast placement for one of my tracks for Fashion Show style usage, a more sentimental and emotional track.
The track is one of my older tracks, still one of my best in that genre, called Hymn to the Creator.

Broadcast Placement - The Swaggering Pirate!

Posted by Christian Andersson Feb 15, 2014

Broadcast placements are not as common as other sales, but I get more and more of them, which is nice because they generate royalties! The latest one is for the Sportsman Channel, and the show is called "Bahamas Lobster Pirates".
The track that was placed in show is called The Swaggering Pirate.

SEO Updates

Posted by Christian Andersson Jan 30, 2014

More background work! Now, time to update this site for search engine optimization.
Again, this is a lot of work, ranging from creating and updating different files to my server to actually restructuring parts of my web page, making it mobile friendly, etc. You will see more changes coming up soon on this web page. This work is taking days and days and even more days of hard and pretty boring work. But a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do!

Hopefully, site visitors will not be affected in any negative way. On the contrary - it should get better all the time! :-)
Best Regards/C

Big Merch Site Update

Posted by Christian Andersson Jan 20, 2014

Hi there!
It's been a while and that's because lots of stuff has been happening in the background. I recently updated my main merchant site and it took some testing and evaluation before I could make it happen.
Before, my tracks here were connected to a merchant site that charged 35% per sold track. Now, I'm on a new site, called PayLoadz that accepts all kinds of credit cards, and of course PayPal, in a very secure and easy way. So if you go shopping on this site, you will be redirected to a PayLoadz site that will accept your license payment and then you can immediately download the track(s). Super easy!

More page updates will be coming soon!
Best Regards/C

The Harmony of Buku - Trailer Track by Craze Music

Posted by Christian Andersson Jan, 2014


Check out this new cool Game Trailer with a charming, tricky, playful and adventurous mood! Or why not visit the developer game site! Game to be released soon for PC and Android. Trailer track by Craze Music! :-)

Time to Wrap 2013 - Happy New Year!

Posted by Christian Andersson 31 Dec, 2013

I will try to resist the urge to say 'time flies', so I will instead say.. hmm... can't find anything better. BUT... It's been an exciting year at Craze Music! Lot's of hard work, and both ups and downs. So let's try to wrap it all up:

  • This year has indeed been very interesting. It started off slowly as I did not take on any ordered work during the first part of the year, and this could easily be seen on the first half year's lower sales figures. Efforts were instead focused on "sharpening the blades" instead of "going out at war". So I spent some good time to improve the working process. More procedures have been automated and scripted in order to strive for operational excellence. With today's 650+ tracks in my portfolio, it is simply not efficient to do things manually anymore. So this time had to be invested sooner rather than later.
  • During the spring, something really frustrating happened. I ended up in a legal case against one of the largest companies in the world in the video game business. They had made a very good profit from one of my albums. Actually extremely good profit. Thanks to my lawyer at the Swedish Musicians' union, we got this sorted out and I was compensated for this and in the end, things were settled in a good fashion. Due to an NDA, I cannot comment on this further, but it suffices to say that this emotionally tense negotiation procedure stole a lot of creative energy away from me and it lasted for 2 months!
  • During the summer, I finished a big bunch of old sketches and I also did a lot of promotional/marketing activities with hopes to see the sales numbers increase a bit. And actually, it didn't take very long until I saw things happening and during this time I also wrote some really good new pieces, mostly in the Fun/Playful genre.
  • First part of the autumn was mostly spent working part-time at the Unisverity, so there was not enough time to write many new pieces. Instead, I continued to focus on tool chains and scripts.
  • And finally... towards the end of the year, I could see the result of this year's work, both regarding marketing and new track compositions: 4 really good months with good license sales AND royalty payouts from film in Great Britain, TV Shows in Japan and several Discovery Channel show placement and payouts!
  • So during the last 2 months, I planned to just write music and do nothing else.... well... what actually happened was something else. Now, with 650+ tracks on my page, I realized the need to structure the page in a nice way for customers. So it was time to connect my site to a real database with dynamic search capabilities! ... and that took a couple of weeks. OK... NOW... write some new music!
  • Yep... I wrote a couple of tracks... but then again... after checking around on some E-Commerce sites, I decided that NOW is the time to switch e-commerce partner!
  • So the final weeks of the year was spent on evaluating E-Commerce sites and I finally landed on a reliable and extremely simple-to-work-with site. And then, of course, it took some time to adapt tool chains and working methods to this new site.
  • But... FINALLY: here we are at the end of the year, and it's all done: New searchable site, easier to maintain, easier to find tracks for customers, and a more profitable and professional E-Commerce partner site.
  • ... AND financially the best year ever at Craze Music Productions! :-)
So... from all of Me, to all of You... I wish you a Wonderful and Happy New Year!

Texas Renaissance Festival - 5 tracks by Craze Music

Posted by Christian Andersson11 Dec, 2013


Brave Knight's jousting in the field to the sound of "Feasting Pirate's Den" from Craze Music! Wow! I'm always talking about fantasy and fairy tales, but this is FOR REAL at the Texas Renaissance Festival. :-)

  • Dancing in the Castle
  • Poor Fisherman's Hut
  • Feasting Pirate's Den (Knights in the Jousting field!)
  • Playful Stroll
  • Busy Noon at Little Village
This is exactly how I envision my tracks being used! Pirates, Knights and Queens in one huge medieval feast! Thank you, RogyPro, great clip, proud to have my music there. :-)

Tale Tapper: Paddy's Quest - Soundtrack by Craze Music

Posted by Christian Andersson Dec, 2013


I just downloaded "Tale Tapper" to our iPad and it's great. A classical fairy tale adventure in charming medieval style. Fun stories, adventurous castles, tricky problems to solve and charming characters to discover and interact with. Check out the game site or the YouTube Trailer! Several tracks (including trailer) by Craze Music! :-)

New Music Search & Category Pages!

Posted by Christian Andersson 4 Dec, 2013

*Gaah*... *sigh*... After a week of hard work, the new Music Search Page and "fast-pick categories" is now live! Not too different from before, huh? It's actually much more than what you see on screen. In my old page, I had a script that pre-processed a local excel sheet to create pre-defined categories and php-pages for me. The new structure uses... TADAAA:
an online SQL database! ..of course, just as it should have been done from the start. Now, it is easier to maintain the site, for example building new pre-defined categories by just creating new SQL statements towards the database.

With the online database, it is also possible to search for Music by selecting some search options (just the way it should be). Let's say I want a cool 1 Minute Battle Loop for my action game, so I select "Action/Tension" + "Loops" + "1 Minute". Voila! There you go! :-)

At the same time, I took the opportunity to freshen up the way tracks are showed and played. Now, when clicking a track, a pop-up window is shown, playing the track and showing variants. You can also license a cheaper non-commercial variant if you like as well as viewing License Terms for 'Personal' vs 'Commercial' license.

There is one drawback with the new site-build. I have understood that some people (including my wife) has used my old page's "playlists" to start a nice little concert of all tracks in a certain category. The page would then autoplay through all of the tracks in that category's playlist. This is not possible anymore, so I am considering to add a link to some pre-defined playlist variants where only the "main track variants" will be included.

Anyway... I hope you will enjoy the new & improved 'Search Music' feature & don't be afraid to get in touch to tell me what you think! (craze@craze.se)

New Music Placements in two TV shows!

Posted by Christian Andersson Dec, 2013


I just got a very nice cue sheet, showing that...

A nice little boost at the end of the month... :-)

Sandbox Adventure Game (Minecraft Style)

Posted by Christian Andersson Nov, 2013


Check out Youtube Demo! A really nice Sandbox Adventure game in Minecraft style, by SiliconDroid & several tracks by Craze Music. I'm really happy to see my music being used in this kind of creations. I just wish I had even more tracks in this style. :-)

Craze Music Studio Report - Q4

Posted by Christian Andersson on Nov 22, 2013

Wow... again... time flies really really fast! Here's the latest & greatest:

  • September and October were the best months financially ever at Craze Music. Lot's of tracks licensed!
  • Got some PRO payouts from TV Shows in Japan and films in Great Britain.
  • Track placement on "Shark Week", Discovery Channel!
  • Landed another broadcast use of the track "Mighty Battle Upfront".
  • Just finalized a 4-minute trailer music track to a new up'n'coming game. (Signed NDA, more info when game is released.)
  • Lanced a placement of a track ("Cavemen") that will show on a Film Festival.
  • Several tracks placed in a "Minecraft"-like game, soon to be released.
  • Wrote a couple of new tracks targeted for Children/Drama by request from a New York music agency.
  • Some new tracks:
    • Bouncy Flute and Funny Tuba
    • Funny Clarinet Madness
    • Happy Hectic and Fun

Battle Music for Skyrim Mod: Conan Hyborian Age

Posted by Christian Andersson Aug, 2013


Check out Conan Hyborian Age! A super cool Skyrim Mod for all dark fantasy fans! In-game Battle Music by Craze Music.

Also note the uber trailer music by The God of Dark Fantasy Music: Basil Poledouris.

I'm honored to be part of such a professional game mod production, meaning my music will be enjoyed by lots of people of the Skyrim Gamers community.

Final mod to be released soon - stay tuned for a download link! Thank you Prometheus, for a fantastic production!

Craze Music Studio Report - June/July/August

Posted by Christian Andersson on Aug 23, 2013

Time flies! The fact that there has not been any updates here lately does not mean nothing happened - on the contrary: simply too busy to update this page! Just take a look below:

  • 101 (!) music tracks were created between July 3 - August 21: LOTS of old sketches were finished and subversions and extended versions were done for a bunch older tracks.
  • 18 full music packs - created and promoted at various sites. Check out the whole bunch here.
  • New ways of marketing platforms have been investigated, and as a result, a whole new marketing strategy along with a well defined working process has been developed.
  • August brought a new record in monthly license sales: 72 tracks were licensed! (It seems that above mentioned marketing activities did a good job).
  • Recent notable music placements:
    • Mighty Battle Upfront - TV Commercial, Broadcast, USA.
    • Pirates in the Bay - Business Web Site.
    • Mischievous Deeds - Theatrical use, Training for Children.
    • Nostalgia Album licensed for German trailer.
    • Dark and Spooky Album licensed for trailer.

Sound Production for Osterlen Museum Interactive Exhibition

Posted by Christian Andersson on May 16, 2013


The Osterlen Museum in Simrishamn just opened their new "Petroglyfiskt" exhibition about Bronze Age and the figures from an old ancient tomb: Kiviksgraven. In this project, Craze Music was responsible for the audio production! In this interactive exhibition, you participate in an acient ritual with dancing figures. By capturing your moves with Xbox Kinect, you will dance to the rhythm of old drums and bronze age horns together with the other figures in the procession. About the project: Great people to work with in the team and a very interesting experience! You can read more about it (in Swedish, Sveriges Radio) here.

Craze Music Studio Report - May 2013

Posted by Christian Andersson on 15th of May 2013

Hello All!
Here's what happening at Craze Music

  • Landed two new music license agreements with Broadcast rights!
  • My sound production for Osterlen Museum: Kivikgsgraven - Bronze Age Exhibition complete! See separate article.
  • Wrote some new cool tracks: For the Sake of Glory and Quirky Little Tale
  • Completed some Happy Ending tracks (Those have been on my hard drive for far too long. Not in the store -> No sales!).
  • Then spent some boring time to improved keywords on different license sites to boost sales.. gotta do what you gotta do..

Back to work! **Cheers!**

Adventure music licensed for New Android/iPhone game: Heroes for Dice+

Posted by Christian Andersson on April 17, 2013


The new up'n'coming Polish game developer company Synergy IT just licensed my track "My Little Adventure" for their their game: Heroes for Dice+. The game is not yet released, but it's coming soon at Google Play for Android and App Store for iPhone. Definitely something to look forward to as it's using a new electronic dice for more fun game play!

Pirate music licensed for super cool Android/iPhone game: Bounty Monkey!

Posted by Christian Andersson on March 20, 2013

Bounty Monkey

The cool people at the company Battlesheep just contacted me and let me know that my tracks has been licensed for their their game: Bounty Monkey! So of course, I had to check it out. Just installed it on my Android phone and it works like a charm, and the game is fun too. :-) Now, when I check out this kind of cool games, I'm amazed of how many brilliant games there are on the market, and I'm honored to be part of a growing market of mobile platform games, especially when it comes to small talented indie developers, like Battlesheep! Also this specific game makes me very happy, as two of my all time favorite tracks are used in the game: "Glory to the Brave One" and "Pirates in the Bay"! So guys, check it out here!

Craze Music Studio Report - Q1 2013

Posted by Christian Andersson on March 2013

All right! I'm too stressed to write a bullet list. Lots of stuff is happening at Craze Music.
Ahh... I'll write a list anyway... :-)

  • Involved in making the soundscape for a museum Exhibition about the Bronze Age in Southern Sweden, ongoing!
  • Just got my competition winner track "The Raving World Orchestra" relicened fora good amount.
  • Passed 500 licensed tracks some time ago - that was cool!
  • At the moment, I'm fully busy to finish some big orchestrals to deliver for some big clients. One of those tracks...is... FANTASTIC!
  • ... and then, I've got a big bunch of sketches waiting to be finished... but again, main focus on big kick-ass epic orchestrals! After all, that was really why I invested in brand new studio equipment last fall, and I'm telling you it kicks butt and delivers stunning quality without getting into technical issues and problems! Now only my fantasy is the limits! :-)

Back to work with The Latest Track!

Craze Music Studio Report - December/January 2012/2013

Posted by Christian Andersson on Jan 31 2013

Ok, I'm lagging behind. This is where I typically do a wrap-up from the year that passed.
So here we go... :-)

  • 2012 was a fun and interesting year. While writing this, I've licensed near 500 tracks commercially, world wide, including some cool placements during 2012: a couple of short films and commercials and big multinational company show case videos.
  • Some great connections with new music agencies has been established and this is pushing me to take some new steps to create even better tracks in all aspects, meaning composition complexity, sound and commercial value.
  • The 2012 financial result was very good, although a lot of it was immediately re-invested in brand new studio equipment and Latest-and-Greatest music libraries. In 2012, I could see that with my old studio gear, I couldn't produce arrangements equal to The Best of the Best (Two Steps from Hell, etc), so that had to be fixed! :-)
  • During the coming year, 2013, I will focus a bit more on fewer but stronger tracks. I've seen that most of my tracks do sell, not only "big tracks" but also simple tracks with good melodies. However, with such a strong competition on the market, it's hard to get well paid for simple tracks and that's why I see a need to take a step upwards to compete with the best of the best.
  • Since the music business is a serious business to me, not just a hobby, I will make sure to stay on top, gear-wise and production-wise, and that should make sure the coming 2013 result becomes even better than 2012!

Stay Cool and See you soon again!

Craze Music Studio Report - November 2012

Posted by Christian Andersson on Nov 30, 2012

Time flies when you're having fun! ... Well, I have to admit it's not always fun with 1.5 year old kid getting all kinds of sickness & child diseases from day care, then enduring sleepless nights and days when I have to stay home and tend to Little Alex 'cause he's not allowed to be at daycare...
BUT... apart from that, it's been a busy month. The final transition has been done to my new Music-Monster-Machine-system with FAT memory resources and ramped up CPU-power... and I must say: the system rocks! I've just put togehter what I feel is a medium sized trailer template with awesome power and cool FX and it uses 5GB RAM (...I had 4GB RAM on the old machine). On this new machine with 32GB RAM, it's all good, and I can just keep adding stuff, and the project load time is still less then 30 seconds! Also, the rendering from Cubase is much more stable without clicks and pops, even on very low latency. Anyway, here goes the short summary of this month:

  • I learned that my track "The Desecrated Sanctum" was pitched for "The Dark Knight Rises"! Holy moly! ... well, in the end it wasn't chosen, but it's awesome to know that my music agencies pitch my work for this kind of huge block buster movies!
  • "Trickery Tricks - 45s" (yes, same title again!) was licensed for opening credits in a short film! Hey - MY track is played when the film starts, how cool is that!?
  • Wrote a new track: "My Little Adventure", including 5 versions
  • Did some longer versions of: "Drunken Sailor's Tavern"
  • Finalized a sketch from an old not-used-customer-versions: "Beyond the Forbidden Garden"
  • Finalized a sketch from an old not-used-customer-versions: "Threatening Tension Builder"
  • Finalized a sketch from an old not-used-customer-versions: "Threatening Path of Sorrow"
So what's going on now? Time to take a shot at the big agencies! I'm taking a long break from the light & melodious tracks, going into heavier full powered trailer like tracks. More time is invested in each track, raising the effort from 15-20 hours per track up to 30-40 hours per track. I'm in the middle into a new track in that style, and it sounds... promising...
Take it easy, folks!

Craze Music Studio Report - October 2012

Posted by Christian Andersson on Oct 31, 2012

Time to take a couple of notes about what happened in October!
This month has been filled with work on my new system - the new Music Monster Machine that I'm building:
- 6 Core CPU, 32GB Memory, upgrade to Cubase 6.5, RME PCI Express soundcard, 2 SSD drives, etc. It will kick some serious *ss!
Will take some time to finish all the software installations. Today I've got a toolchain with 30+ different tools and scripts running on the old machine, so backing up and moving everthing over will take a couple of more weeks. However, I'm keeping my old system live in parallell, so I've been able to write some new tracks meanwhile. So here's a short summary:

  • "Trickery Tricks - 25s" was licensed for TV broadcast, to run during 3 years in Russia!
  • Wrote a new track: "Mr Jolly and Mrs Fun", including 6 versions
  • Wrote a new track: "Humpty Dumpty Doo", including 10 versions
  • Wrote a new track: "The Swaggering Pirate", including 3 versions
  • Finalized a track from the sketch table: "Bard's Solo", including 5 versions
  • Finalized a track from the sketch table: "Core of the Epic Battle, including 2 versions
A cool note: I wrote & produced Trickery Tricks in May this year, and it's already been licensed 3 times (each time a different version) including a fat TV broadcast placement. It sure is a nice little track, no doubt, but still... kind of a surprise to me, and I now realize how hard it is to guess which tracks that will become most successful. So I'll continue on my good ol' strategy: I write what I like myself, and hope others will like it too! :-)


Craze Music Studio Report - September 2012

Posted by Christian Andersson on Sept 30, 2012

September report is here!
This month, I finished a couple of tracks that had been on the sketch table for far too long. Sometimes, it's an external event that triggers the decision. In this case, there was an interesting opportunity for patriotic instrumentals. So I finished "March of Honor" and "Return of the Victorious". First track become pretty good. The other one, not great, but OK.
Then... another big thing happening... I started to work on my new fresh power trailer template... and my head hit the famous brick wall - regarding CPU/Memory. So... I'm investing in new top-of-the-line equipment. Brand new 6 core CPU, 32GB Memory, water cooling system, new professional sound card, new Cubase version, etc. I'm in the music production business to stay, so I'm investing heavily to go in an compete with the big guys like Nick Phoenix, Hans Zimmer and Tomas Bergersen. So that's the sound you will hear from me in the future... I hope! :-)
Hmm... What more?

  • "Rise of an Empire - Alt Ending" was licensed for TV broadcast in Belgium - yeah!
  • Placed 4 tracks in a Gnome Game... actually by game dev studio from Belgum as well... (what are the odds?!)
  • One of my songs just hit Licensed-15-times, that was nice! Which one...? I'm keeping that to myself and close friends. :-)
  • I visited a couple of guys having their music production studio in central Lund very close to the Old Cathedral. It would be great to move my own music studio to that place, but at the moment, that investment feels a bit heavy, so I'll hold my horses for the time being... but it's definitely on the agenda.
All right, guys, that's it. Enjoy the cozy autumn weather!

Milestone reached: 400 Licensed tracks World Wide for commercial use!

Posted by Christian Andersson on September 12th, 2012

A new mile stone has been reached: Craze Music has now licensed 400 tracks for commercial use, world wide in a variaty of use cases, ranging from MTV trailers, radio/TV broadcast, video games, film placements, amusement parks, museums, exhibitions and more! Through a network of very professional partners, music agencies and libraries, this was reached in less than 3 years. Big thanks to everyone that helped me reach this mile stone. Surely a lot of people could be credited for that. Here's just a short list of people that I've been working with recently that comes to my mind:

  • ... the very dedicated and helpful crew at AudioSparx who keep featuring my songs (Hello Barbie, Rodney and Lee :-)!
  • ... Petey Z, helping me to push my mixes to the max with the goal to create an overly powerful sound!
  • ... the fellow composer Stephan Lindsjo who's been a great speaking partner in this tough business
  • ... the team at Lund University who brought my music into the Virtual Reality world at the cool archeological excavation site of a Viking Age village in Uppakra!
  • ... my very supportive family who continously encourage my efforts to write more and better music!
Thank you everyone - I will do my best to write more and better music in the future! Now let's see if it's possible to reach the 500 mark before the end of this year... :-)


Soundpack released: Trailers, Thrilling Action & Power Stingers!

Posted by Christian Andersson on September, 2012

Fresh & crisp electro dubstep beats together with orchestral power, creating an edgy, powerful and modern sound. This pack contains full length action trailer tracks as well as shorter stingers, bumpers, teasers, logos for use with thrilling tension, breaking action news, TV shows and sports events.

License at AudioSparx or with a %40 price cut directly from me: craze@craze.se

Soundpack released: News, Action and Sports Stingers!

Posted by Christian Andersson on September, 2012

Modern orchestral / electronica / dubstep, bright and suspenseful teaser/stinger/bumper, building for thrilling upcoming action news and sports events. Fresh & crisp electro beats together with orchestral power create edgy and powerful sounds for exciting tension and breaking news ahead.

License at AudioSparx or with a %40 price cut directly from me: craze@craze.se

Soundpack released: Playful Adventures and Mischievous Trickery!

Posted by Christian Andersson on September, 2012

A collection of fun, bright, airy, playful and mischievous instrumentals of light orchestral arrangements. A visit into the magical forest or a tour on the Ship of the Tricky Pirate. Themes or background instrumentals for fairy tales, cartoons, Children TV and whimsical video games.

License at AudioSparx or with a %40 price cut directly from me: craze@craze.se

Craze Music Studio Report - August 2012

Posted by Christian Andersson on August 31, 2012

Hey All - here's a late August report coming up!
It's been hectic days. As some of you may know, I have a one year old son, and these days I've been getting him into day care. Being a father is fantastic, but it also takes quite a lot of time and energy. Nevertheless, I'm soon back on track with music writing and I have high hopes for a very productive autumn. Anyway, here are the latest highlights:

  • Playful Stroll was licensed for world wide use as main title in a video game.
  • Created some new power tracks for use with TV Game Shows, sports events, trailers, etc.
  • I've put together some new musc compilations: Mischievous and Playful Adventures and Stingers, Trailers and Power Themes and I'm right now in the process of uploading them to my partner sites.
  • I got into a new big music agency with regular placements in TV shows.
  • After some right-on-spot-good-feed-back, I've started to work with the quality of my mixes, trying to make them compete with The Best of the Best in this tough market.
Ok... I think that was it for now, but I'll make sure to let you know when any new cool stuff happens here. :-) Best...

Hot Summer Action!

Posted by Christian Andersson on July 27, 2012

Darn... It's boiling hot in my music studio today. But hey - all you lazy beach people, it's time you get up on your feet! Craze Music is back with some serious summery butt-shakin' latina rhythms with edgy brass and tricky beats.
Now, don't make me disappointed - I wanna see some cool moves, so shake it real good! So... is this track really butt-shakable? Yes, I can confirm, indeed it is. Its "butt-shakability" has been thorougly tested by myself, and I must say the result was... ASS-tounding.
(Sorry, I usually don't pull off that kind of jokes, but this one was too good to let go. :-)

Anyway, so what track is this? Well, it was called "The Chase - 15" from start, and was written for a $1,000 film trailer opportunity. It was selected among many competing tracks and forwarded to the final music supervisor, but then it seems I was dropped out during the final selection stages. Whatever, that track was too good to let go, so today I extended it to 30s:
"The Chase - 30s" ... or "Action and Butt Shakin' at the Beatch"? Your choice. :-)
I also plan a couple of stingers and maybe a 60-second version, so that's probably another 4 hours work on it before I consider it done. Then, hopefully, I'm gonna land some good placements for it - time will tell!

Craze Music - Featured on IndieTracks, part of the AirCraft Library!

Posted by Christian Andersson on July 26, 2012

I'm lucky to be part of this high quality library, IndieTracks, with only hand picked tracks. This is the type of library where you send your 10 best tracks ever. If you're lucky, they will pick some of those tracks. You MIGHT get another chance later on to send 10 more. I'm saying "MIGHT"... there is no guarantee. It's tough to get in there, and I'm proud to be with those guys.

So what's this fuzz about? This week, 26th of July 2012, I was chosen as their Featured Artist. To that, I can only say "WOW!" Big thanks, IndieTracks, for giving me this honorable position! I will do my best to contribute to Your site with top-tracks-only, and if I don't have 10 really good tracks, I will wait until I have. If that's going to take 2 years, that's what it will take.
To everyone else out there who's looking to license music: if you're going for top-quality-tracks-only (guaranteed no MIDI sounding stuff), to IndieTracks you go! .... Over and out... /Christian

Craze Music Studio Report - June/July 2012

Posted by Christian Andersson on July 4, 2012

All right, it's about time for some news, so here's a summary of ongoing activities!

  • Bards Tale was licensed for internet TV Broadcast.
  • Dark Tidings was placed in a short film (see previous post).
  • Bard's Tale was licensed for commercial use in the app "Monster Village".
  • I've had some focused workshop with the Lund Historical Museum and University crew to continue with the soundtrack for the ancient Viking Village app for iPhone/Android.
  • Created & licensed 2 tracks for a big corporation trailer, ordered by a multinational company active in 150+ countries.
  • Signed with a new music agency.
  • Working hard to write some more new cool tracks in the orchestral/epic/dubstep/electronica genre for some coming big-fat-action TV shows ('couple of new tracks should pop up here soon...)!
  • ... and then I've done some polishing on my tool chains to speed up time-to-market and to ensure correct and high quality delivieres - it can always get better!
As you can see, while you're down at the beach enjoying the sun, I'll be here working hard in my studio to have the tracks ready for you when you get back! ;-)


Film Placement!

Posted by Christian Andersson on June 6, 2012

My track Dark Tidings - Short Version was just placed in a film by Pillar Stone Productions! Always nice to get film placements, and I will definitely check out the film "Charter Roll" when it's released. :-)

Craze Music Studio Report - May 2012

Posted by Christian Andersson on May 25, 2012

Hey Folks!
I'm taking the opportunity to update the Craze Music News today as I just reached 333 licensed tracks for commercial use, including MTV, TV shows, museums, video games, amusement parks, etc-you-name-it! So let's aim for 500 licensed tracks this year. :-) Anyway... here goes the news:

  • Finally, I was able to publish my new Pirate's Den album that I've been working with for a long time. It's been a lot of hard work as I created some brand new tracks, and I also re-worked "Pirate's in the Bay" to a more right-to-the-point version where the dark male pirate choir joins in from start. Check out my Top-10-Artist's Choice: "Pirate's in the Bay - 1 Min Choir..."
  • I was contact by a new Film/TV music agency in New York, and we had a great Video Skype call! So I will now study their clients in detail and write music in their style as they have a big need for new fresh music. I must say I'm totally thrilled with this new opportunity!
  • Finished and uploaded around 50 new tracks (some re-mastered/re-worked, some brand new) within the last month.
  • Some days ago, Delivery 2 was finalized for a game under development where I score their exclusive soundtrack. More about this when I'm allowed to disclose details.
  • Licensed a bunch of tracks to an RPG/Fantasy game-tool. More info about this soon when their trailer is up.
  • Finalized a new nice automated tool-chain used in my working process, creating preview versions, song links, playlists etc, at this site. Unfortunately that led to some broken songs links here, but that should now be fixed. (In the future, this should not happen as the automated process prevents manual mistakes, like mismatches between links and track names, etc.)
Hmm... probably more cool things have happened, but I just don't remember it now. Time to continue writing music!

Gnoblins - a New Cool RPG adventure - several tracks by Craze Music!

Posted by Christian Andersson on April 28, 2012

The cool 1st person RPG adventure Gnoblins is now under development by Michael Stachorski! It is a strategy role playing game with a strong focus on managing a small community of minions while exploring a dungeon in the first person perspective. Check out the Open Pre-Alpha Teaser here

Craze Music Studio Report - April 2012

Posted by Christian Andersson on April 30, 2012

Full speed ahead!

  • First delivery has been done to an ongoing game project, and I'm working hard to finish the rest of the InGame tracks.
  • Several Craze Music tracks were licensed for use in another game under production, "Save Our Village", for iPad HD developed by Red Sprite Studios.
  • I was lucky enough to be contacted by a Film/TV licensing agency in Canada to join their hand picked composer team.
  • During the beginning of April, during a full day seminar/exhibition on how to use digital productions to enhance the experience of history and culture, I met some very professional people and got some new interesting contacts.
  • One of my tracks, were showed on the exhibition by the team I'm working with on an iPhone app. This app will present the Uppakra Archeological Excavation site in a new "Hollywoodistic" way with majestic and powerful music and cool 3D environments. It should feel pretty much like walking around in Skyrim! As we speak, the excavation site is right now revealing a full sized Iron Age town, one of the largest discovered in Scandinavia, from the time of the Vikings! I mean, how cool is that!?
All right... Time to do the final mastering of some fresh tracks! /Christian

Craze Music Studio Report - March 2012

Posted by Christian Andersson on March 30, 2012

Time flies when you're having fun, especially during a crazy busy month! Here goes latest news:

  • I'm currently hired for a new intriguing game project developed in United Arab Emirates by a highly professional team where I will be scoring the complete soundtrack exclusively for this project. The collaboration is excellent, and as a consequence some really cool tracks have popped up from this nice team work, and I've had the opportunity to try out some new interesting genre mixing which is pretty new to me. At this time, I'm not allowed to disclose any information around the project, but... there will be more about this later! :-)
  • As is often the case during an ordered job, many other ideas and sketches for new tracks are created, so the productivity has taken a leap upwards, which is nice.
  • March has been a cool month - 3 of my products have been placed for Broadcast/TV use with likely future royalty payouts!
  • I continue to measure song plays on various sites, and this month is a new record breaker with ~5000 plays on commercial music sites and agencies.
Stay tuned, folks... Now, back to the music studio! /Christian

Craze Music Studio Report - February 2012

Posted by Christian Andersson on February 29, 2012

Oops, I'm hopelessly behind when it comes to updating my home page. Anyway, here's the latest news:

  • I'm totally thrilled to be working with some really super professional people at the Historic Museum in Lund. They have found a HUGE excavation site with 28,000+ items from the Iron Age (in Sweden, Iron Age = Age of Vikings) and they will have a modern iPhone app to market and experience the site. And in this app, of course, there will be some music: a big Hollywood-style-bashing-fantasy-epic-powerful-kicking track (that I love to work with)!! I was on the museum a couple of weeks ago, and it was so cool with these old coins, gold items and dark feeling, so I am really lucky to be working on this. Below is a sample on the track in production, Dark Epic Power Trailer:
  • During end of February I got a TV placement for one of my favorite tracks, Glory to the Brave One!
  • Below is a sample of my re-mastered Glory to the Brave One - 40 sec of Epic Power:
  • At the time of writing this, it seems I will very soon start working with a couple of video games. I've been in contact with some teams, and it seems both of these teems has something really special going on, so I'm looking forward to that.
  • So what else? I've been busy, as usual, working with some marketing activities, some track remixes, some new compositions. As a result of the marketing activities my songs were played almost 3000 times on various sites during February, both at commercial sites and fan sites which I believe is personal record for 1 single month.
  • Then, I've worked a bit on this page, and I've made some tools to automate play lists, trying to make sure that all my tracks are automatically placed in some suitable playlists here, but there is still some more work to be done in this area...
All right, back to the music studio! /Christian

Craze Music Studio Report - January 2012

Posted by Christian Andersson on January 31, 2012

Hello again and welcome to 2012 - a New Year with new Opportunities! Here comes the first News of 2012:

  • After getting my final royalty statements and sales reports from 2011, I could conclude that I licensed more than 170 tracks for commercial use during 2011 which is a nice improvement compared to the 40+ tracks during 2010.
  • January 2012, has started nicely where I have been lucky enough to license 40+ tracks for commercial use.
  • Then I was lucky to be selected by a new Music Agency in New York that work with music licensing for Film/TV.
  • One of my songs was selected by a Dramatic Instrumentals trailer production company (among 259 competing songs!).
  • One of my songs was selected by yet another Classical/Orchestral trailer production company (among 131 competing songs!).
  • Ongoing ordered job - Trailer for a Free Sun Powered House.
All right, lot's of work to do, so back to the music studio! /Christian

Craze Music Studio Report - December

Posted by Christian Andersson on December 31, 2011

Hey All!
It's time to summarize the year. 2011 has been a truly great and exciting year at Craze Music. Here's a summary:

  • Licensed 110+ tracks for commercial use this year (compared to 40 during 2010).
  • 3rd prize winner in the International Songwriting Competition with 15,000+ competing entrants!
  • Finalist in Great American Song Contest with Rejoice in Triumph.
  • Finalist in UK Songwriting Competition with Adventurous Epic Action Thrill.
  • Music placement on MTV to be shown on "MTV at the Movies Awards", aired in 60 countries!
  • I've worked and scored the game music for some really talented indie game crews such as Rock Pocket Games, the Abydos Online project and Ironcode Games.
  • This year, I also joined some great music agencies with really tough entry requirements.
  • And just today, I actually reached 300+ fans at Jango Airplay!
  • End consumer music sales has finally started to take off. It's really cool that people enjoy my music for private listening!
So let's hope that 2012 will be as exciting and fun as this year has been! THANK YOU so much, everyone who I've been working with this year and all you fans out there. And of course, I want to thank my wife for supporting me, my son who's giving me all those wonderful smiles every day, and the rest of my family and friends who continue to support my efforts to succeed in this super tough business with so many competing talented composers world wide.

Happy New Year Everyone!

Game Release: Pahelika Revelations - Full Soundtrack by Craze Music Productions!

Posted by Christian Andersson on November 23, 2011

The mysterious and cool puzzle and problem solving game Pahelika Revelations was just now released by the hard working guys at IronCode Gaming! The game is a follow-up to the very successful Pahelika Secret Legends. It has been a great pleasure to work with this dedicated team. Writing music in the mystery genre has been really interesting and rewarding. Special thanks to Pallav Nawani - a great working partner that has been very helpful during the development of the soundtrack. I look forward to work with this very professional team again in future titles. The game is available at IronCode, so get busy downloading! :-)

Craze Music Studio Report - November

Posted by Christian Andersson on November 23, 2011

Hola! It's been a busy month, as always. Here's the latest news:

  • Signed with a major music agency to pitch my song "Rise of an Empire".
  • Licensed Mad Professor for a video game.
  • Licensed The Treasures of Ra for a film production company.
  • Finished & Uploaded around 20 new tracks to my primary online vendor.
  • Finished the complete soundtrack to Pahelika Revelations!
  • Sold 3 Epic Cinematic Adventures at Amazon.com.
  • Today, I finished a new song that I call Drunken Sailor's Tavern. It will pop up here soon.
  • Got some new ordered jobs that I will begin with this weekend.
  • Right now, I'm working with some cool sketches that I did a couple of months ago:
    some really fat epic a**-kicking arrangements!
Will post some new song links here soon. Now, back to work! *Cheers* / Christian