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Contact me any time with any questions or to discuss prices, custom music packs, agreements, tailor made projects, or order exclusive music, etc. Email: (craze[at]craze[dot]se)
Phone: +46(0)739583855 --- Skype: Audio/Video/Chat. (Email to book a time.)
Response within hours, 7 days a week, 24 hours / day.

Any requirements or questions, contact me and and I'll be happy to answer! See also FAQ below.

Order New Music

Feel free to download my Starter Pack to get the following info:
  • Business Model - Price Examples and Discounts for Ordered tracks
  • Song Description Template - a template that will help you describe your tracks
  • Standard License agreement
  • Exclusive License agreement
... and remember:EVERYTHING is negotiable! The terms and prices described in the documents above can of course be discussed and I will do my best in order to match Your special needs and requirements.

License for Web, Film/TV, Games, Android/iPhone/Pad, etc

License Shopping Cart What is music licensing about? For a small license fee, you get a 100% legal license - no time limit! to use my compositions with your production: Film/TV, Video Games, Theatre performances, Exhibitions, Advertisements, Web sites, YouTube, Android/iPhone/Pad apps & games, etc. For YouTube usage, see this guide.

To license a track, click the Shopping Cart.

Get huge discounts for multiple tracks. Check out the ready-to-go Packs or if you need something else, you can put together your own Custom Pack. Tracks can also be re-worked, evolved, re-mastered or remixed to suit your project for FREE if total licensing cost adds up to $100+ and work effort fits in 1 working day! Contact Me and let me know your needs.

Available for Hiring

Craze Music Productions is a registered company. If your project needs a music writer to write and produce a sound track, you can hire me as a consultant for shorter or longer periods of time.

Frequently Asked Questions on Licensing

Question: Can I use your tracks on YouTube? What about 'copyright notice'?

Yes, absolutely! No additional payments are needed and now 'ads' will be placed, providing that you have a legal license from either Craze Music or any other site that sell my music. If you got a copyright notice, you can easily get rid of it. Read more HERE.

Question: Why must I pay for your music?

Well, there are many reasons. To mention a few:
1) Music composition is my profession, and I have invested tens of thousands of dollars in instruments and hardware equipment - not to mention all the hours I spend on the actual composition The majority of my monthly income is from music. Yet, it is a constant struggle to make both ends meet. Periodically, music is my only source of income. Check the tax information on my company "Craze Productions" in Sweden to verify that it's barely possible to live on my yearly from music. Every single track license is essential for me. The day I start giving out my music for free on a regular basis will be the end of my company. Music production is an extremely tough business.

2) I spend hours and hours on getting a professional sound, including mixing, final-mastering and creating variants to cover all kinds of uses. Creating 1 single track (including mixing, final-mastering and variants) often take 16-40 hours depending on track complexity, where the fun and inspirational part is often max 4 hours. The rest is just hard work.

3) Music production is like any profession: hard and disciplined work and a well defined working process is needed to achieve good quality. As with any profession, hard working people expect more than just appreciation. We expect that the people using our work and services pay for it. And yes, there IS free music on the internet as well, so anyone that don't think music should be paid for can of course use this free music instead. (But always check the license terms!)

Of course, everything is a matter of negotiation. Sometimes, I give away free licenses as a start of a good relation, or as a kind gesture, or maybe to give a hand to struggling 1-man-indie-developer project. But again, any such agreement must be a valid license contract from Craze Music, including the mandatory license number.

Question: Do I still need to pay for your music if...(a) My product is free? (b) We run a non-profit organization (c) I don't know if I will ever make money on my project?

What to pay, how to pay, and IF to pay is always a question of negotation.
- Per default: everyone has to pay unless agreed otherwise, and there is no agreement without a contract from Craze Music containing, song titles, date and a valid license number.
- Also, let me put it like this: So your product is free, or you work for free in your organization... That's great! So how do YOU make money for a living? Are you a millionaire or do your parents pay for your living costs... or do you simply have an ordinary job outside of this product/organization with an ordinary income? Because I don't have that. Yes, sometimes, I work 50% teaching, but I have a family to support and I can't live on that. And again, periodically, I work full time music with no other income.
- Another example: a non-profit organization walks into a food store, grabs 20 loafs of bread and says "we're a non-profit organization, so we can't pay for this" then walks out from the store with those 20 loafs of bread. That would be theft.

Question: We have no money. Can we just add a link to our home page and say you're great. Would that be cool?

Links are nice and I love to hear when people appreciate my music. Unfortunately, links and kind words do not pay the bills. So: NO, that would NOT be accepted as payment. As this is my 8th year in the music busines, I have collected lots of statistics. Trading my music for a link would be like getting a lottery ticket: in most cases, I get nothing back. Maybe sometimes an encouraging email: "Wow, we found your great music linked from this site. It's really nice. Good luck with your company!". Well, thanks.

So before being too enthusiastic on how important a link on your home page will be, let me share something. The biggest site that hosts my music has had me in their top-50 composers list among thousands of composers since 2010. This is a site with hundreds of thousands monthly "hits" and people come there JUST to buy music. So what has this given me? I'd say, maybe a few music licenses over the last 5 years. Maybe. More than 95% of my sales are done through very active marketing, including - but not limited to - paid advertisements.

Now ask yourself: Do your site have more than 100 000 monthly hits and do people come to your site to buy music? If that is the case, maybe then we can discuss if a link can be part of a deal. Otherwise, I'd say: a link is just a link - not payment. Sure, I always put up links to my client's products and sites and then I do shares on lots of social media accounts, and I hope my clients do the same for my music site. All for mutual benefit. With enough lottery tickets around, there is occasionally someone that pays out.

Question: I forgot to pay you, but we used your work. Can we pay afterwards if we contact you?

I'm sure we can work out a deal. I appreciate honest people, and I'm not trying to bust anyone that tries to be honest with me, contacting me and wanting to pay fairly for the usage of my music. However, if I am the one to contact you, letting you know that you have used my music without permission, then obviously, we are in a different situation. Sure, we can probably work something out, but the conditions may be different. Always try to contact me first if you suspect that you have no valid license. I appreciate that.

Question: I forgot to purchase the license, but can I license your music from your site afterwards to cover our usage?

Per default: NO. The license is only valid from the date it is purchased. If the music is used before purchasing the license, paying for the licens afterwards is not legal. Therefore, refer to previous question: contact me, and I'm sure we will work something out. Maybe I will simply write a contract that allows you to buy the licenses afterwards. But that has to be agreed.

Question: What happens if I don't pay?

A couple of years ago, one of the biggest companies in the game industry had used my music without the rights. About half of my yearly income that year was at stake. As with most US companies, they had a whole staff of laywers. Their senior laywer in San Francisco and my lawyer at the Swedish Musician's Union was involved in this case. Let me put it this way: we came to an agreement that was beneficial for Craze Music.

Question: What are the License Terms? How does music licensing work?

All licenses covers Commercial Use
and YouTube vidoes without 'ads' or additional payments.

Now, this is how it works: For the standard Non-Exclusive License, you pay a one-time license fee to use my song 100% legally in your production. You are then permitted to make money a your production containing my work - that is really what the license fee is all about. You want to make money using something that I have produced. So you pay a license fee for using my work for commercial purposes. There is no time limit on the license - you can use the music as long as you want in your production. For Exclusive License, see corresponding topic in this FAQ section. If you want to use my work for other than commercial purposes, you can purchase a much cheaper personal license instead.

Question: What does 'Non-Exclusive License' mean?

The 'Non-Exclusive License' means that after you have purchased the right to use the song with your production, the song is still available to other customers. In the music industry, it is very common with Non-Exclusive Licenses. You will see that this is really THE standard type of contract for film/TV, ads, theathres, museums, etc. For the video game industry, it is very common for Indie Games (as they have a smaller budget), and less common for huge game productions (as they have a larger budget).
All licenses covers Commercial Use
and YouTube vidoes without 'ads' or additional payments.

Question: What is an 'Exclusive license'? Can I buy your songs with Exclusive license?

You can order NEW songs using the Exclusive License. This license will be more expensive, since I cannot make money on this song ever again after such a deal. I can't offer the song to any other customers.

For my existing songs, I can't give you Exclusive License on them in their current shape. All my songs are available for sale at several professional music agencies.
But no worries, mate: it can be solved. I can make modifications to the existing song of your interest, and then it can be licensed as new derivative work exclusively for you.
You will then have a song that will be unique for your project, and you will have the exclusive license on it (and it will be MUCH cheaper than ordering a completely new song!).

Question: I am making an indie game. Should I buy a Non-Exclusive License, knowing it could be used in other games/films/ads/whatever?

For an indie game, I'd say this is really the typical Non-Exclusive License case. There is a very small risk that someone recognizes the tune. I would say that buying a non-exclusive license from me would be pretty original, as I am not one of the major dealers of non-exclusive music and sound loops. And even if someone would recognize it, it's not a big thing. People are only paying maybe 1$ - 20$ to buy your indie game. They will not expect it to have 100% exclusive music. It is much more important that the music fits well with your game. It is often only the big game/movie publishers, aiming to sell millions of copies that will cost $50-100$, that use Exclusive License or "Works made for Hire" contracts, where they
A) use artists that spend hundreds of working hours to write tailor made music
B) buy songs with Exclusive License which could cost thousands of dollars.
These big companies will have a much larger budget, allowing them to spend much more on their sound track.

Question: What if I like one of your songs, and I want to make it exclusive for my game, but I can't pay a full Exclusive License?

No problem. I could re-write part of the song, exclusively for your game, for example changing the ending, the beginning, etc, I could preserve the things you like from the original song and improve it with some things that you want to have. Our deal would then include that I will never offer this specific exclusive additions to any one else. Then you will have a song, similar to one of my existing songs, but tailor made and exclusive for your game, but to a much lower cost than a full exclusive license of the original song.

Question: If I ask you to write a completely new song for, me... Will I get the Exclusive License rights on it automatically?

That will be part of our price negotiation to settle these conditions. You probably could if you pay a little more, or you will get a lower price if you allow me to sell it non-exclusively. Of course, we could also enter into deals like "During 1 year, I am not allowed to sell it to others, but after that (when your game has been sold in x thousand copies), I am allowed to start selling it." The negotiation options are infinite - it's totally up to us to decide. :-)

Question: Can your work be used with contracts of the type 'Works made for Hire'?

Yes. We can enter into such a deal. It means that I will work for you for limited time to produce music that you will own.

Question: For how long is the license valid if I buy a song from you?

There is no time limit. You can use it as long as you like.

Question: If I buy a song, can I then use it on multiple game platforms?

The default Craze Music license terms allows usuage on multiple platforms without paying anything extra, but if you license my music at some other place, make sure to check their license terms.
All licenses covers Commercial Use
and YouTube vidoes without 'ads' or additional payments.

Question: Can I get songs in other formats, like .ogg format?

Sure. If you need OGG format, just drop me an email and I'll fix it for free (I've got it all scripted, so it takes me 5 seconds) or you could simply convert the WAV/MP3 file yourself.

Question: Why don't you have your songs in MIDI format? Can you convert your songs to MIDI?

It is not trivial to convert my songs to MIDI. Of course, I could export every track as MIDI, but it would require me to rewrite the song or remap the MIDI channels. Songs in MIDI format using General MIDI sound mapping is an older technology and the problem with MIDI is that one MIDI song can sound very different depending on the quality of the sound hardware where the song is played. If you need MIDI format of a song, I can re-write the song for MIDI. See the Services page for more info.

Question: Can you convert MIDI to mp3 format? How much would the cost be?

Yes, absolutely. See the Services page for more info.

Question: Why should I buy/license music from you?

Here are some reasons:
  • The best reason for buying my music is if you like it and want to use it with your production.
  • Prices: It will be hard to find someone cheaper. Have you found a site with equal content, but cheaper prices? Try me. Just shoot an offer at me and let's start negotiating. You'd be surprised to know how cheap I can be... ;-)
  • Get rid of expensive middle hands: If you buy something from my own store, there are no middle-hands. I get 100% of the license fee. Professional music agencies, selling music from hundreds or thousands of artists take a commission fee of 50% or more. So if you license my music, you will help me to continue writing great music knowing that I get fully paid for my work, even with low prices.
  • We can establish a really nice relation where you can get good deals and offers in the future.
It's more or less impossible to get a personal relation and negotiate license terms or prices with a major license dealer. In the end, of course, it's up to you and if you like my music and style. I hope you do, and I hope that I can be part of your great production, making it a huge success. :-)

Question: Can I trust you?

Of course. :-) ... Here are some very credible reasons:
  • First of all, this is a fantastic job to work with. I've been working with this business sine 2009, and it feels just better every day. I would never jeopardize this job by getting a bad reputation as I love to work as a composer. It takes years to build a reputation and a brand, and it takes just a handful of unhappy customers to ruin it all.
  • I am a registered sole proprietor in Sweden, member of a Performing Arts Organization and registered at the Swedish Tax Authorities as "Craze Productions" (yes... paying tax an all that). Nothing strange about my company.
  • Unlike many other companies on the internet, you will find my real address and my real phone number at my site. I have the phone switched on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Feel free to give me a call. ;-) You can even call me during U.S. evening time... but... it would be in the middle of the night, Swedish time, so even if you CAN... please don't, unless absolutely necessary. :-) Exposing all this is a problem for me, as I am often a victim of spam. However, for me it is of highest priority to be in close collaboration with my customers. You can always reach me with mail or phone, e.g. if you need help with recoding a song in a certain format, or whatever it could be.
  • I have many previous customer references, and I can give out some email adresses if you want to contact them.

Question: What is the difference between the contracts at your site and other sites?

To get the latest up to date contract, it is best that you read through them yourself.
Remember: you can always negotiate the contract terms with me.All licenses covers Commercial Use
and YouTube vidoes without 'ads' or additional payments.

Question: You say that Indie Game Developers can get lower prices. Why is that? How can I know that I am an Indie Developer?

If you ask, you are probable an indie game developer. :-)
Indie Game Developers are typically individual programmers or small teams without financing from a publisher or big game house. Many independent game developers often have a very low budget and cannot afford to spend $100-500$ for only one song. Even if I don't make much money on deals with indie game developers, I will get credits in the game and some new and interesting relations in the industry which is also valuable. And you will get some great songs! :-)

Question: You say that you can re-work and prolong existing songs FREE OF COST? How come?

Of course, it depends on what the offer is on the song. If you want to license a 20 seconds track for $15, you probably can't expect me to completely re-work this song and make it 2 minutes longer. ;-)
But of course, smaller things like making it fade in/out in a nice way. On the other hand, if you pay well for a song, you can expect me to do quite a lot of things to make that song fit for your project.
As a general "rule of thumb", I'd say that if you pay $50-200$ to license existing song(s), I am willing to spend up to 1 full working day for free to remix/adapt/evolve the song to suit your needs.

Question: I like your license terms, but there are just a few things missing. Do I have to write a completely new contract and offer you that?

Not at all. On the contrary, I prefer that we use the my license terms as a base, and on top of that, I will write an "Addendum" with extra rights.
If you miss something or if something is unclear, I have prepared an addendum where I can grant/clarify additional rights.
I will then sign this addendum and send you a photocopy of it. This model is simple, fast and safe, and have already been used in many of my license deals.

Question: What if I select a personal license to get it cheap, and then instead I use it commercially?

Please don't. The worst case would be a lawsuit for breach of contract, and nobody wants that. Ironically, I was involved in a case like this during spring 2013. It was one of the largest game dev sites in the world. In the end, thanks to my lawyer at the Swedish Musicians' union, they had to compensate me for economical loss. If you want a lower price for the song to be used in your great game, let's have a negotiation instead, and very likely, you will get a great deal.

Question: What if I steal your music by not paying the license fee?

Once again... Please don't. See also Q15 above.
By providing all this music, I am giving you a lot of possibilities knowing that I have spent thousands of Euros/Dollars on equipment to buy the best tools on the market, putting all my time into making this music. The music is not just a hobby for me: it is what I try to make a living on. Let's build a great relation, discuss your needs and make a great game/film/whatever together!

It can also be good to know that my music is partly owned by STIM, the Swedish Performing Arts Organization, meaning that I will not have to protect my music, as a private person, hiring lawyers an all that. Through STIM, I've got a full staff of lawyers up my sleeve to protect the music, always ready to press law suits against illegal users. However, I both hope and believe that it will never come down to nasty things like that.)

Question: What if claim to be the original writer of one of your songs?

When I complete a new song, it is immediately registered at the Swedish Musicians' Union by sending my CD with all materials, projects and rendered sound files in all possible formats. It gets a time stamp and the CD is stored there for future reference. This means the music is protected my international copyright law of equal strength and level with for example U.S. Copyright law. The song is also registered with STIM, the Swedish Performing Rights Organization (immediately upon creation the artistic work is co-owned by STIM). So if this would become a problem, we would need to find out who wrote the song first. It could of course happen that I have written a song that was already written by someone else, and vice versa. It sometimes happens in this industry, and then we will just have to sort things out in a civilized and peaceful manner by contacting the necessary legal authorities, checking the dates of compositions, etc. Hopefully, it will never happen, but one never knows.

Question: Can you tell me more of your previous deals and sales and what prices I can expect?

I usually don't disclose details about customers, previous prices and deals. This is both for the sake of my clients, but also part of keeping a solid business model, not sharing the details with all the other extremely skilled composers competing for the jobs in this business. But if you have any more questions, feel free to email me at craze@craze.se to ask any questions you like and I will answer them as good as I can.

Question: Do I have to pay royalties?

As a producer or a game developer, you shouldn't need to worry about this. The game developer, film producer or a TV-show producer would typically not pay any royalties, as the production itself does not publish the intellectual property. When applicable, royalties are usually paid by the distribution channels, which would be the TV-channel or the cinema that broadcasts/shows the production. So... as long as you don't represent a TV channel, radio station, cinema distributor or likewise, I'd say the answers is no.

Question: I have read some of your older stories on your "New Music" page. Do you write the story before the song, or the other way around?

It can be both ways actually. Most common is that the music comes to into existence by itself, and in that way, the music tells me a story that I try to envision and then I write it down. "Night Walk in Sleeping Town", "Rejoice in Triumph" are examples of that. The song "Catacombs of Unrest" came into existence at the same time as I started the story. Then I finished writing the story, and only then did I know how to finish the song. :-) However, my story is not THE story. If you associate my songs with something else, it's great that you can envision your own story, maybe completely different! That's what great and exciting about music. We all have our own perceptions and associations when we hear something new. Feel free to share your stories with me!

Question: I paid for the song at your site, but I can't find the 'Download Song' page.

You should be directed to a download page, but sometimes, there will be a short delay. However, you will also receive an email with a link to download the song. Sometimes it takes 5-30 seconds, and sometimes it can even take a couple of minutes. Should you still have problems to find the download page or troubles to get the email, contact me, and I will send the song to you as soon as I can (usually within a couple of hours).

Question: I bought a game, and I'm playing the game on my YouTube channel, your music is in the game, and I can't make money on the clip. Why?

You buy the right to play the game, but you don't buy the right to distribute all the copyrighted intellectual property within it unless the author of the music has allowed this in a tailor made contract with the game makers. Many indie game makers buy non-exclusive music, because it's cheap - extremely cheap. Instead of paying $50-$100 for a tailor made track, they can purchase 10 tracks for $50. It means the same music is available in other places, such as Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube, and it may be used in other games. The music author/publisher controls the full copyright of the music. And if you download a random artist's music from Spotify, you cannot just add it into a YouTube clip and start making money on it.
Many music authors register their music in the YouTube Content ID system because otherwise, it would be easy to pirate and spread the music from Spotify/etc to YouTube without the author getting compensation for it. And in fact, it is possible to make thousands of $ per month in the YouTube content ID system. Of course the choice and strategy whether or not to register in this system is up to each and every composer.
Somtimes, you can play music on your channel because:
a) The music author was hired to write music exclusively for that game AND it was part of the contract that the game makers take ownership of the copyright through "works-made-for-hire" clause, OR simply that it was negotiated in the contract that the author is not allowed to register the game music in the YouTube content ID system.
b) The music author does not care or know about YouTube content ID system, or it could be that it's an intentional choice to not be registered there.
So if you are an angry YouTuber, don't blame the music author. Blame the game makers that bought the cheapest music possible instead of hiring an author to make exclusive music for their game. I'm always available for hire to make exclusive game music. But in fact, I don't think one should blame anyone. We all have our limits on budgets. That includes game makers, music authors... and YouTubers. :-)

Question: How can I solve it?

You need a license ID to clear the copyright claim. Send me an email, craze@craze.se, and we can arrange a very cheap license (e.g. $2) or you can license the music from my online store: www.craze.se
Another option is to replace that music part with non-copyrighted material.