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Hero of Darkness (Genre: Dark Classical) 2010-12-27

The skies went black with dark and red clouds as the lonesome rider
could be seen approaching from the pointy mountains in the far west.
It was as if heaven itself shuddered at the thought of His arrival,
and cold winds started to breathe their ice cold fear throughout the landscape.

Screams of terror and agony had already been reported from the other side of the mountains.
Now was the time to close the gates at the main castle in the kingdom of Winterfall.
It was time to summon the most powerful Knights stop the seemingly inevitable threat.

News 2010-12-20

Super Great News! I just received a Music Scholarship from the Swedish Musicians' Union.
Wow! Thanks a lot, Jan & all other wonderful people there!

All right! Christmas is getting close and I am working hard to finish off 2010 with super high productivity and lots of new songs.
Here comes the latest news:
- I am almost ready with a new dark and epic piece, simlar to "Dark Tidings" with gothic choirs and a mighty orchestral arrangement.
- Submitted some songs to an international music talent agency, and I passed the first review. Now awaiting the final review.
- The Desecrated Sanctum appeared on a customer play list in one of my agencies, thus being evaluated for a licensing deal.
- I accidentally stumbled into world music and wrote two related pieces, Wild Drums and The Raving World Orchestra.
  The big one took a lot of time, but I believe the result is one of my all-time-most-interesting compositions.
  Although not very commercial from a licensing aspect, I hope it can be useful in a demo reel to show something that stands out from the ordinary.
- On my TODO list, I had "write some fast paced dark tunes". So I wrote Beyond Sanity"... which is neither very fast nor very dark... but... it's OK.
- Apart from this, I have worked hard with marketing and promotion activities which costs both time and money, but it's a great deal of fun as well.

The Raving World Orchestra (Genre: Symphonic Latin Jazz) 2010-12-16

I figured it would be interesting to add some extra instruments on top of the "Wild Drums" arrangement.
And then, I was suddenly consumed into a deep writer's flow, bringing in latin trumpet sounds
and all sorts of strange stuff. So after 4-5 hours of constant writing with no break,
there was a foundation for something completely new - a genre that I never tried before:
Symphonic Latin Jazz! :-)

So after ~30 hours, I came up with this result. Good or bad? Have a listen and tell me what you think!

Full Story>>>

Wild Drums (Genre: Drum Solo) 2010-12-10

In the middle of some hard work with a couple of new epic tunes and world music templates,
I "accidentally" put together a little thing, so I though I might as well upload it here.
It's a shortie, and it may sound simple, but it took me a full working day to finish it.
The song consists of 14 tracks: 11 drum tracks and 3 voice tracks.
So if you're curious, have a listen. Don't have too high expectations, though. :-)

News 2010-12-03

- My music has been accepted at another professional music licensing agency based in U.S (the 7th so far).
   So yesterday was a full day of reading contracts, signing the paperwork, fillout out song meta data and uploading my songs.
- 3 of my ethnic/world music songs was selected to be pitched for a Bollywood film with a Kamasutra love scene. (Yes, it's true. :-)
- Tombs of the Fallen Ones is now completed (& submitted & accepted at several pro music agencies).
- Started with two new big pieces with huge orchestration and epic sound!
- Passed the second review at one of the world's leading music licensing agencies and is now included in their catalog.
- My full length Knight's Tale Album is now available at iTunes and several other online shops! (Thanks, Nina, for your fantastic art!)

Tombs of the Fallen Ones (Genre: Classical) 2010-11-30
(or "The Cemetary of Castle Mistmoore")

After miles and miles of walking, through the Swamp of No Hope, I reached Castle Mistmoore.
From a distance, maybe from behind the castle, I could hear the faint tones of violins and choirs.
It was a slow and sad song, reminding me, for some reason, about death, despair and sorrow.
Curiously, I started to walk towards the sound of the complaining music.
After a while, I reached an area that looked like the old castle cemetary.
Many of the graves seemed strangely fresh, as if someone had just been buried
(or...maybe.. God forbid! ... someone had just climbed up from the grave..?)
...and the names of those tomb stones were erased.

Full Story>>>

News 2010-11-19

Signed with a new professional music licensing agency based in California, U.S. (the 6th one so far).
where I got a music representative to pitch my songs for various film projects.

Sad Little Girl (Genre: Classical) 2010-11-17

As Roland and his companions left the Abandoned Village,
they heard a faint crying when they got closer to the forest.
They sound came from a small dark lake inside the gloomy forest.
A sad little girl sat down at the side of the lake, all alone,
tears streaming down her cheeks into the cold water.

Full Story>>>

Art by John Bauer

Chapel of Light (Genre: Classical / Choirs) 2010-11-08

It was the early morning hours and time for morning prayers in the old castle chapel.
Everyone were asleep in Castle Winterfall, and not even the birds had began to sing at this time.
The clerics and monks prepared for the morning mass in the old and dark building of stone.
Suddenly, the choirs began to sing, and as if a sign was sent from above, there was light coming through the windows.
The world outside started to wake up and even the sleeping sun was encouraged to take a dazed look above the hills!

Bard's Tale (Genre: Classical / Chamber) 2010-11-04

Knight Roland left the morning prayers in the small chapel inside the castle.
He went outside the town to grasp some fresh air and listen to some gossip.
Actually, he was just in the right mood to pay a visit at the Singer's Tree.
It was an old tree, and according to rumours, it was a magic Tree of Knowledge.
It was told that any person, staying long enough near the tree, would magically
receive some old and ancient wisdom from its whispering leaves.

Sitting at the tree was a singing bard who's tales were widely known in the kingdom.
His melodious stories would give the children some good laughs, but sometimes,
when the bard was in a bad mood (believe it or not - it can happen to bards as well!),
he would sing some nasty and scary tales for the children, giving them awful night mares.

Full Story>>>

Art by Nina Edvinsson

News during October 2010: It may seem as if I didn't write much music this month.
On the contrary, this was a very busy month - the most busy music month to this date.
I wrote 10 full length 5 minutes Sci-Fi songs for a game coming to iPhone/iPad Q4-2010.
Then, I wrote 3 other full length songs for another post apocalyptic turn based game.
I got to know some really great people while I was writing music for these game projects.

Therefore, there was not much time to write demo songs for licensing opportunities.
But during October, I also succeeded to become approved artist at 5 professional music agencies,
most of them based in the U.S. During this time, it has been a terrible struggle with IRS,
the american tax organization, but during next year, I hope to see the fruit of all these efforts.

An Adventurous Tale (Genre: Fantasy / Classical) 2010-10-12

Sir Roland rode out a misty morning from a small village where he had spent the night.
He set out into the wilds to search for treasures, rumoured to be found near an old ruin.
Some said the place was cursed and that restless ghosts haunted the place, day and night.
"So much better!", thought Sir Roland and smiled, as he continued thinking...
"May those poor spirits be put to a well deserved eternal rest by my old companion!"
Roland was referring to his magical sword. To most people it looked like an ordinary sword.
Few were those who knew that this sword was the legendary 'Wraith's Bane',
which was found many years ago in a dungeon beyond hope and sanity,
known only by its few survivors as 'The Catacombs of Unrest'.
But that is another story which is better left in peace.
Now, let us hear about this day's adventures!
Let us hear if this day brings a good or a bad ending.
Let us hear if Wraith's Bane deserves its name!

Art by Bethesda Softworks (Oblivion)

Blooming Valley (Genre: Fantasy Adventure / Instrumental) 2010-09-19

The landscape was now changing from darker forest into more open hills and meadows.
The small group of wanderers walked upwards a steep hill
while the sun was shining bright and warm.
In was in the early afternoon that Sir Roland
and his companions reached the top of the very high hill.
They stared in astonishment on a wonderful blooming valley
that opened up between hills and green forests.

Full Story>>>

Art by Kris deYoung

Morning at Sunrise (Genre: Fantasy Adventure / Instrumental) 2010-09-22

The morning was bright and the babbling brook was glittering in magic purple and yellow colors.
The bird twitter started to fill the small valley and sounds from people in the villge on top of the hill.
could now be heard occasionally as the small town started to wake up to a new sunnny day.

Full Story>>>

Art by Deborah Budd

Dark Tidings (Genre: Fantasy Adventure / Instrumental) 2010-09-11

As the Dark Lord arrived to the small and joyful kingdom,
the once so peaceful place turned over into chaos and war.

Hatred and fear spread like an evil plague
between former good neighbours and friends.

Full Story>>>

Art by Joćo Paulo Sinal

Abandoned Village (Genre: Fantasy Adventure / Instrumental) 2010-09-01

The call for help was received in the early morning hours.
Roland left the town immediately along with some helpful town citizens.
Sir Roland and his companions entered the small village late in the afternoon.
It was a small group of houses and shelters and a few shops and storage buildings.
Some of the houses were burned down to the ground while others were partly razed.

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Dancing Knight's Tavern (Genre: Fantasy Adventure / Instrumental) 2010-08-30

Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Good People of the Town!
There will be feast and joy tonight at the "Dancing Knight's" tavern!
Rumor has it that Sir Roland and Barkeep Redbeard will have a drinking competition.
And that means, as we all know, Sir Roland will end up dancing gaily on a table,
and Barkeep Redbeard will serve free beer before he falls asleep below the table.
Friends! Let us gather at the Tavern and drink for ol' times sake!

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Busy Winter Noon at Frosty Village (Genre: Fantasy Adventure / Instrumental) 2010-08-28

In the cold inland, the inhabitants of little Frosty Village
were preparing to celebrate the yearly Winter Feast.
It was a sunny winter noon and busy people could be seen
all over the village doing preparations for the great celebration.

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Night Walk in Sleeping town (Genre: Fantasy Adventure / Instrumental) 2010-07-18

Knight Roland stepped out from the Guard Tower and set out on his nightly patrol.
It was a calm night, and the noise inside the Tavern was starting to fade out.
The dwarves in there were now drunk enough to fall asleep at their tables,
and the more respectable guests and visitors were already in their rooms, sleeping.
After a walk around the gloomy town center, Roland went through the town gates
and took a stroll into the nearby forest.
The forest laid silent and still. As the nightly wind breeze blew its gentle breath onto the green trees,
the leaves were whispering their soothing lullaby, giving the inhabitants of the forest a good night's rest.

Peaceful Thousand Oaks Forest (Genre: Fantasy Adventure / Instrumental) 2010-06-26

It was a bright morning, and I took a stroll into peaceful Thousand Oaks Forest to find some useful herbs.
The morning mist was flowing like a magic river over the warming grass in the sun lit glades.
Birds were singing gaily on both sides of the path as I made my way through the friendly nature.
From a distance, I could hear a bard play his flute in the Blooming Valley, not far from here.
I passed Traeklyve's cabin where I could see the old man sit on a wooden bench, smoking his pipe.
We waved to each other, as I quickened my steps to find my favorite herb spot a bit further down the path.

Rejoice in Triumph - Medium Version (Genre: Fantasy Adventure / Instrumental) 2010-06-28

After many years of battle, the long and bitter war had finally come to an end.
Late in the afternoon, a tired, exhausted and greatly reduced army reached their old capital home town.
Only a small remainder of the once so proud and powerful army marched through the towngates.
Nevertheless, wives and children ran out of their houses, cheering, to greet the returning soldiers.
Immense and heavy was the grief for the widows and fatherless children.
But so much greater was the joy of those who finally saw their loved ones return.

No one remembered why the war was started, no one could tell who won the war, and no one really cared.
For this day was not the triumph of victory, but something much greater: the Triumph of Peace and Homecoming!

The Great Adventures of Winterfall (Genre: Fantasy Adventure / Instrumental) 2010-06-04

This is an old majestic piece that I have re-worked and improved with new fresh instruments
from EastWest Symphony Orchestra Gold Edition. The brass has been in strengthened,
some new percussions have been added, I removed one of the middle parts that contained pizzicato
and replaced it with a new exciting part with spiccato/marcato cellos that really does the trick.

Now, imagine you are taking part in a huge dramatic emotional adventure.
So what will it be? Swords and dragons? Knights, and princesses?
Or just a fascinating love story from the 18th century?
That's up to you to decide.

Once upon a time, in a an old kingdom, long time ago...

Art by Noah KH

Catacombs of Unrest (Genre: Dark Gothic Fantasy / Instrumental) 2010-05-28

The time has come to follow the travellers that arrived to The Forgotten Monastery.
It is time to hear about their continued journey to explore the depths below the monastery.
What unspeakable horrors lurk there? What evil forces will they encounter?
We can only guess... Or you can find out... if you dare.
Follow me down into the catacombs and see for yourself...
When you come back, tell us what you saw. ... if you come back.
'Tis said that no one returns from the Catacombs of Unrest alive.
... but... a few of those, not alive, return anyway...

Full Story>>>

Tales from the Forgotten Monastery (Genre: Dark Gothic Fantasy / Instrumental) 2010-04-30

The old monastery looked a bit dark and gloomy from a distance, as we approached it that late autumn afternoon.
I stroke me as odd, then, that the horses seemed more and more nervous the closer we got to the monastery.
We entered the courtyyard and it all seemed so peaceful. A wonderful courtyyard with lots of flowers and curious herbs.
I expected the monks to come out and greet us but it was all silent and the whole monastery seemed to be empty.
It was not until later, that I understood that we should never had gone there...

Full Story>>>

Buccaneer's Song - We drink for Treasure and Rum (Genre: Old folk music / Instrumental) 2010-04-19

We sail our ships on the seven seas,
we bring back both treasures and rum.
It is a dangerous job, with no peace
amongst soldiers and sheriffs and scoundrels.

We sunk a ship with 10 chests of gold,
our own ship got some new cannon ball holes.
But we have no fear, we rule the sea here,
for we're pirates and bandits and scum bags!

Hey ho, hey ho! We drink for Treasure and Rum!

Poor Fisherman's Hut (Genre: Old folk music / Instrumental) / 2010-04-18

Once upon a time, in a small, small hut, at a small, small lake, a fisherman lived with his family. One day, when he...

Ok, sorry, my imagination ended right there.
Anyway: This little song is about an old poor fisherman, sitting in his little hut with...
...no money...
...and ...no fish ...(he could never afford to take fishing lessons)
...and ...no hut! (yes, he's really poor!)
... or something like that. :-)

Monster (Genre: Heavy Metal / Instrumental) 2010-03-28

I was playing around with my Hard Rock tools and decided to make my first full length instrumental Heavy Metal tune.
I am not perfectly happy with the result. I think I got the style pretty much right, but there's no real hook in it.
It lacks a nice melodi... It lacks something that makes me feel good.
Instead it is rather.. dark.. and ruthless... like... Like a monster?...yes...a monster...

Let loose the Monster! Let it's Heavy Metallic bones shimmer in the moonlight, as it rises up, towering against the sky,
roaring and showing it's sharp teeth in the cold moon light, longing to tear something apart!
Who shall be it's next victim!??

Wonders - a Hymn to the Creator (Genre: Sacral / Instrumental) / 2010-03-26

The wonders of Spring is here. A sudden burst of life fills the countries of the North,
and it makes oneself wonder how all this all could happen without a Creator.

By chance, I was working on some choirs and stumbled into something that sounded like a little hymn.
I find it both melancholic and bit wondrous at the same time.
So here's a little hymn to the Creator, if there is one, and whoever it might be.

The Treasures of Ra (Genre: Oriental / Instrumental) 2010-01-04

As I opened the portals to the Temple of Ra, I saw all the treasures in there, and I gasped for air!
There were
- drums from Quandahar,
- a wonderful Persian string ensemble,
- an Arabic Oud,
- a Duduk from Armenia and
- an Egyptian Zouma!

I ran into the temple like a madman and grabbed all the instruments I could get.
Then I went home and wrote this song. Enjoy! ;-)

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