License Agreement

Please make sure to read the license agreement. A purchased license covers the Non-Exclusive right to use the included IP for both Personal and Commercial use. The terms in this agreement can be changed/negotiated to suit your needs by contacting craze@craze.se.

1.1 License ID
When purchasing a music license, you will receive the sound files along with a license contract containing License ID and a list of associated musical works. Keep this information - it is your legal right to use the music according to the terms given below. When asked to claim your right to use the musical works, for example in a YouTube video, show/enter you License ID and enter "Craze Music" as the site of license purchase and attach the license contract file when possible.
Example of rights claims: This musical works was licensed at Craze Music, www.craze.se, and the valid license id is: "CRZ_ABC123...". See attached contract file.

1.2 Musical Works - Intellectual Property
This license covers the non-exclusive right to use the Intellectual Property (from now on called IP), which consist of the licensed music track(s), according to the terms below. The copyright remains with the author. The IP is also registered and copyright protected at the Swedish Musicians' Union along with all project files and rendered sound files.
Therefore, please note: you do NOT actually BUY the IP and its associated copyright. The IP and its associated copyright is still owned by its author. Instead you BUY the non-exclusive right to use this IP with your product or for a certain use case.

1.3 Licensee and Licensor
Licensee: Buyer/Downloader of the license to use the IP.
Licensor: The author of the IP. (In most cases, Christian Andersson, Craze Music Productions, but there may be other composers' IP on this site as well.)

2 License Terms
The rights in this AGREEMENT are specified below. The rights are only valid for the related IP connected to the license as specified in 1.

2.1 Commercial and Personal Use
This music license covers both commercial and personal use.
Delivered sound format: High Quality WAV 44kHz /16 bit format.
Email craze@craze.se to get any other format (e.g MP3/OGG).

Example on use cases:

  • Use in a tv or radio advertisement, or print ad
  • Use in videos, films, trailers, games, or other multimedia projects that you were hired to make, intend to sell, distribute, or release to paid audiences or clients - reproduction of the project is included
  • Use in a paid online podcast, or a podcast that generates revenue or donations through advertising or related services
  • Stream, broadcast, or display on a commercial website (any website that generates revenue or donations), YouTube, Vimeo, or any other video aggregation website
  • Use in software or videos released on DVD or CD ROM (excludes audio-only CDs) in any number (except for any JupiterImages-owned media, which is limited to 10,000 copies per license)
  • Use in a live theatrical performance or as part of a concert performance where audience members pay or make donations to attend
  • Use as part of a toy or any product available for purchase in a store or online (excludes audio-only CDs and paid downloads)
  • Use in a public-voting film contest
  • Use in a print advertisement, as decor in a public place, or as part of company letterheads, brochures, and designs
The license ALSO covers all kinds of personal use, e.g.
  • Enjoy at home
  • Use in a multimedia project, video game, film that you will not show to a paid audience (includes office presentations).
  • Use in a multimedia project, video game, film that you will not distribute to others in any way
  • Stream or display on your own personal or not-for-profit website (sites collecting donations must use License B)
  • Use in a theatrical production with non-paid audience
  • Use in a personal or not-for-profit podcast
  • Use in a school project that you will not sell
Note: you are NOT allowed to spread the IP outside of a dedicated product/project, such as including it in music packs or collections that are distributed or shared, free or paid.

2.2 Prohibited and Limited Use
  • The Licensee MAY NOT spread this music for others to use in other's products. This license is valid for Your product/project only.
  • The right to have this product in YouTube videos or similar is ONLY valid for Your product/project.
  • The Licensee MAY NOT use this IP (or any part of this IP) in OTHER products that are not associated with THE PRODUCT.
  • The Licensee MAY NOT sell, re-license or distribute this IP on its own or as part of any music collection where the purpose is to sell or share as music. It must be used within a project/product context.
  • This IP MAY NOT be included or remixed as part of other musical works.
2.3 Product Use
When associated with a product (from now on called THE PRODUCT(S)), the following applies:
  • The AGREEMENT is valid for THE PRODUCT(S), unlimited copies and all material associated with the product and its branding, and valid for multiple platforms, e.g. Android, iDevice, PC, etc.
  • The Licensee has the right to cut/fade/loop this IP as needed for use with THE PRODUCT(S), but it MAY NOT be included as part of other musical works!
  • The Licensee shall credit the Licensor in THE PRODUCT(S) as author of the included IP.
  • There is no time limit on the license.
  • There is no additional royalty payments required, regardless of the amount of reproduced copies of the product.

2.4 Broadcast
When this IP is used for broadcast (TV, Radio, Cinema), the broadcasting entity shall file a "cue sheet" to the local performing rights organization or collection society, including the following information:
  • Name of IP / Musical Works (see 1.2 above)
  • Composer: enter Composer name from music-track info
  • PRO: STIM (Sweden)
  • IPI: enter Composer IPI from music-track info
  • Duration of use.

3. Licensor Rights
All rights are reserved by the Author and Licensor and the core rights specified below are solely for the purpose of clarification:
  • The Licensor retains the full copyright of the IP.
  • This license is Non-Exclusive, meaning the Licensor may license this IP non-exclusively to other projects and products.

Legal Notes:
Do NOT lose your license contract, and do NOT rename the contract file name. The license contract along with filename and License ID, is your license to use the IP as described herein.