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Art by Nina Edvinsson

Bard's Tale

Knight Roland left the morning prayers in the small chapel inside the castle.
He went outside the town to grasp some fresh air and listen to some gossip.
Actually, he was just in the right mood to pay a visit at the Singer's Tree.
It was an old tree, and according to rumours, it was a magic Tree of Knowledge.
It was told that any person, staying long enough near the tree, would magically
receive some old and ancient wisdom from its whispering leaves.

Sitting at the tree was a singing bard who's tales were widely known in the kingdom.
His melodious stories would give the children some good laughs, but sometimes,
when the bard was in a bad mood (believe it or not - it can happen to bards as well!),
he would sing some nasty and scary tales for the children, giving them awful night mares.

Roland stopped by the tree and listened curiously for a while.
The bard was singing about a tale that seemed to be mysteriously
connected to Roland's last adventure! Surely, this was impossible!
No living person would know about this - Roland was alone that night!
Yet, the bard sang his tale, as if he had been present those very moments.

Suddenly, the leaves of the old tree seemed to whisper something in some old forgotten language.
The bard stopped singing for a moment, listening, then nodding with a smile, as if understanding every word.
Then he started again, now singing a new song, as if told by the tree, for some unknown reason, to switch song.
Now another tale was being told, and the melody was so catching, Roland couldn't resist to sing along!

Composer: Christian Andersson - Length: 2:29 - Date of composition: 2010-11-04
Instruments: Choirs (Bass, Tenor, Alto), Concert Guitar, Nylon Guitar, Steel Guitar, Piccolo Flute

2010 Christian Andersson - Craze Music Productions. Copyright and All Rights Reserved.
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