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Testimonials from Professional Music Sites and Composer/Developer Communities

I'd like to mention some of the partners and music sites that I've been working with the last year
and also the fantastic people who are active on indie game developing sites all over the world that
have provided me with a lot of wonderful comments and great encouragement - trust me, I need it!
Without these comments, I would have given up long time ago. It's tough financially to make a living as an artist
and when there is no money coming in, this kind of comments is the fuel & fire that I need to continue writing my music.
Maybe some of these comments could lure some new people into my world of music. I am always on the lookout for new projects!
If not, these words will always be a reminder for me that my music isn't that bad after all, and that I should continue struggling!
So, to all the people and companies mentioned here, thank you for your fantastic and heart warming comments!
Should you feel that you've been misquoted or that you don't want to be mentioned on this page
just send an email to me, and I will of course then immediately remove your comments.

A big Professional Music Agency with clients like HBO, CBS, Fox, etc:
"Our music agency prides itself on possessing the BEST boutique catalog of independent music in the world.
Our standards are high, and you should be very proud of yourself as an artist/label."

A Professional Music Agency in the U.K. about my music:
"In our composers we look for quality and your material certainly fits that description."

A Professional Music Agency with a focus on independent high quality artists:
"We're looking forward to making some money together and to a great relationship.
Please send us any new material you have - we love your work!"

A Professional Music Agency with sales all over the world:
"We pride ourselves on the quality of our catalog. We know we have the BEST independent music in the world.
Our standards are high, and you should be very proud to be a part of this.
We owe it to each other to work as professionals in the same capacity. It’s what separates us from the rest."

One of the best-selling music agencies on the internet with > 400 000 tracks on their site:

On the subject of featuring me as Hot New Artist:
"[...] It takes a certain distinctive ability to be designated as a Hot New Artist on our site.
These talented, award-winning composers from around the world have much in common.
Together they represent a dynamic and creative force, bringing us new and original music
and sound effects with a brilliance that is consistently impressive and top-of-the-mark."

On the subject of selecting me as Permanently Featured Artist:
"Both your music and your titles are exceptionally good so you have also been selected as one of our
Permanently Featured Artists and we look forward to more of your excellent music. [...]
We are glad to have you on the AudioSparx Team, and hope our clients like your tracks as much as we do."

Brooksley Media Blog (worked for Miramax, as well as NBC, FOX; as music director and general liaison beween producers and musicians)
"Although these are not "hit" songs that will be on the radio; I really like how you picked a market/genre and went with it.
Your compositions are great; after listening to the last 6, I'm very impressed with your arrangements.
I think you would have no problem as sound designer for video games and film soundtracks.
I can easily see you, as a composer, would be a "hit" among sound designers and video game music supervisors.
we'll elaborate on our new blog... Great work."

Arthur Moore (www.arthurmooremusic.com) @ SmashSongs composers' site:
"I'm a new Christian Andersson fan! His music is PERFECT for this site!
Unless they're nuts, the film and television people should beat a path to his door. [...]
Okay, just who the Hell are you Anyway?! YOU'RE A FREAKING GENIUS!
Your stuff belongs on Broadway, in films and in television. Is it all your original stuff ?
I mean it's so good, I have difficult time believing it.
I'm so proud to know that someone like yourself can actually appreciate my songwriting talents.
Are you ever planning to visit the United States? Email me when you get a chance [...]"

Ewart Williams, Professional Musician (www.ewartwilliams.com) @ SmashSongs composers' site::
"Your stuff is brilliant, Christian... You may be asking too little for your songs.
Of course it's a totally subjective thing, but if you look around and compare prices/products
you'll re-think your prices. Are the orchestral pieces played by real instruments?"

Sellzey @ SmashSongs composers' site:
"Amazing Portfolio! Hi Christian: I listened to several of your tunes and am blown away by your talent and production skills.
Your skill level is incredible and the feel of your songs is immediate and lasting. I wish you the best! [...]
thanks for raising the bar with your excellent talent and production skills......sellzey"

Dan, cocos2d iPhone developer forum
"Just wanted to say that I worked with Christian to add music to Castle Combat, and he's a great guy to work with.
His music speaks for itself, but I'll add that it is some of the best that I've ever heard.
You could easily hear these tracks in any epic movie, and to be able to add that ambiance to a game is special, to say the least.
I'll definitely be working with Christian in future titles, and I encourage anyone who has a similar themed game to get in touch with him and work something out.
-Dan "

ProWaffle, cocos2d iPhone developer forum
"Truly incredible music. How can you sell this so cheap?"

Cybergreg, cocos2d iPhone developer forum
"Your music is just awesome - I will be sending you an email and once I figure out which tracks I want to use, will be in touch. :-]"

ClockWorkDoc, cocos2d iPhone developer forum
"I was shocked at the quality of these pieces, the quality is far above the prices charged.
You are very talented Christian, I hope those using the songs do them justice, because they are each works of art on their own."

LoganD, cocos2d iPhone developer forum
"This is very impressive, if I am ever in need of some music for a fantasy themed game (which I may later on), I will definitely use your music."

Ruriki, RPG Revolution forum
"Wow, great portfolio!"

Riven, JavaGaming.org forum
"The music is actually superb!"

Sproket, JavaGaming.org
"Excellent stuff Christian! I'll keep you in mind."

Noblemaster, JavaGaming.org
"I bookmarked your site! *Grin*"

TheAnalogKid, JavaGaming.org
"Fantastic! If we could find graphic artists with these price ranges that would be fantastic too."

Mads, JavaGaming.org

BrainDigitalis, Gamedev.net forum
"I have listened to your sample music and i think it is amazing.
It is probably a bit beyond my means to license for now,
but do you also do sci-fi type musical pieces? Good luck in your endevours!"

Thanks to Family and Friends!

Finally, I want to send some big thanks to family and friends who encourage me in my work on a daily basis.
First and formost my wonderful wife, Marina, who always takes her time to listen to my work and provides
me with invaluable straight-forward feedback on my work (no mercy! :-) and also that she bears with my
stubborn artistic visions, decisions and overconfident plans to succeed within this very tough business.
Also big thanks to my parents Sven & Bodil, struggling with all the high tech stuff just to be able to listen
to my music and to my sister, Maria, with her family for having an understanding with my odd occupation.

I'd also like to mention...
Gunilla Frisk, Arianna Benigno, Mattias Wallergård who listen to my work and promptly return with comments,
and Nina Edvinsson who has made the wonderful cover picture for Knight's Tale!

Big Thanks, everyone!

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