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My name is Christian Andersson, I live in Lund, Sweden, together with my wife Marina and our cat Morris. I was born in Helsingborg in 1974 and grew up and went to elementary school in Tyringe (a small town close to Hässleholm in southern Sweden). Music has always been an essential part of my life since my mother was a piano teacher and a leader of several choirs, and it was always a lot of music during my childhood and a lot of different instruments were played within the family. During elementary school, I started to play the recorder and a year later, I started to played the trumpet. I continued to play the trumpet in a big band during high school, and at the same time, I started to write music on my computer, an Amiga 500, with music programs which were state of the art on computers at that time. I also learned to play the guitar and piano, which are essential instruments to learn about harmonies. Those instruments gave me a great boost in knowledge and understanding about more advanced music writing. When I started to use some more advanced tools on PC with MIDI and virtual instruments, the complexity grew quite a lot compared to the first music I created. Today, a computer is a very powerful artist's tool where only you yourself will set the limits on what you want to create, and it is a great feeling to constantly push those limits further on!

My philosophy around writing music can be summed up in the following sentence:
It takes time to accomplish a miracle. Give me time, and I will create a miracle for you.

Some people get high on drugs, I get high on music. When I have completed a new tune, or a nice part in a new song, I sometimes start dancing and jumping around in the whole apartment. (Not when my wife is at home, though.) This feeling is amazing, and I don't think it's possible to explain. On the other hand, there is this fear and anxiety, that when I have something "big" going on, I will not be able to finish it, I will most likely destroy the whole arrangement, and it will become nothing good of it. Does these bad things happen? Yes. But sometimes, I succeed.... and start dancing. :-) So it's a journey of lots of emotional ups and downs, and in the end, if I'm lucky, and if I worked hard enough, I have accomplished a new miracle. Because, that is what it feels like when all the instruments have found their places, all the notes have found their homes and all the harmonies does their magic that paints the unexpected, the exciting, the fresh and new in front of your ears.

Every piece of music must not be a miracle. That is up the customer to decide, but my job is to make great music of the highest quality, given a certain budget and time. Creating mediocre music is a waste of the customer's time - and my time. That is why trying hard and working hard is so important. Writing music is great fun, but the only way to make a living on it is by writing interesting music that holds a professional quality - and that takes a great deal of hard work.

Today I focus primarily on the following aspects:
- the customer's demands, when I have an order
- the sales potential when I write for licensing opportunities
- learning new techniques and new tools
- and of course, when there is time, I write music for the sake of music itself!
I don't have that many customers that order musical miracles, so that has to be done on my own initiative. :-)

And while doing all this, I have a great deal of fun since music is my passion. It is my belief that the joy of creation will lead to better music, which leads me to the conclusion that having fun is an important part of becoming a successful composer.

So did I create any miracles yet? Yes, I believe so. In some of my songs, when I listen to them, there are the miraculous moments when I have to fight to keep my tears back. It seems strange that the music I wrote, in a typical strict analytical way, with rules about harmonies, etc (at least, that's what I often believe), somehow and sometimes when I listen to it, it feels like the song gets a direct connection right into my soul, and I am moved by the music in the way that I get tears in my eyes. For me, this is a miracle. For someone else, maybe not. Try my miracles - see if they will touch your soul as well.

Do you think my music is boring and mediocre? Well, everybody has their own taste. I can only use my own judgement and taste when I write music. If you are a paying customer, or a licensing site, I listen to your demands. Otherwise, I listen curiously to peoples comments, and ignore most of those that suggests changes to my music, because most of those comments are a matter of personal taste. In these cases, it is my own vision with the music that matters, and I listen to my own artistic instincts above other people's opinions. It may sound egocentric, but that is the only way to survive all the contradictory comments and opinions that I get from people, that would otherwise drive me crazy. However, if 2 or 3 different people have the same comments about a technical detail, there's usually some more "objective truth" in that, which often leads me to seriously review those details. And that concludes my philosophy about writing music.

Ok! Still here? If I should suggest and prioritize some of my favourite songs, I'd like to recommend the following tunes:

1. Rejoice in Triumph (bright and epic track )
2. The Djinn (middle-east, mysterious atmosphere, with an intensive uptempo feeling)
3. Tales from the Forgotten Monastery (epic track with a variety of moods)
4. Morning at Sunrise (bright, soft, romantic and loving mood)
5. The Outer Regions (dark, sci-fi, space atmosphere with deep rumbling SoundFX)

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