Catacombs of Unrest
by Christian S Andersson, 2010-05-27

including the sub tune

The Sacrificial Chambers

"As we entered the Desecrated Sanctum, we stared unbelievingly at the walls... soaked in blood...
And those corpses.... Oh, dear God, those corpses....

We stumbled forward to the altar and removed the... the things... from there.
Just as we removed one of those inhuman bodies, the altar tumbled over and fell to the side,
exposing a hidden stairway down into a compact darkness. Had we found the Catacombs?
From below we heard some kind of very faint, dark, beating sounds. Was it perhaps drums from a great distance?
My mind went to some kind of ancient ritual that was being performed down there.

We looked on each other in bewildered despair. As we had not even began to understand what our eyes saw,
we desperately wanted to leave this place before insanity grabbed us with its ice cold tentacles.
Yet... could there, perhaps, be answers, down there in the darkness, to what happened here?
We lit our torches and began to descend downwards... down into the unrestful Catacombs."

(The mysterious text above was found on a torn page from Chronicles of the Nameless Traveller.)

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