Jonas Hornqvist - Fellow Composer at Craze Music


Craze Music is proud to present a new fellow composer, Jonas Hornqvist! With vicious rage and exreme skillz on his favorite instrument, heavy metal guitar, his brutal metal rhythms and licks will raise your awesome action productions to the skies. Check out his amazing credits/CV below. And - of course - check out his kick-ass tracks!

Jonas Hornqvist is a Swedish composer and multi-instrumentalist who has released CDs on major labels all over the world. He has also written two guitar books (both best sellers), performed live all over Scandinavia, and done countless sessions as a studio guitarist.

Jonas has extensive experience in composing/songwriting, arranging, and editing, with clients including Ducati, Risenta, Pacific Interactive, Vapiano, AXS, Donna Cenino, and more. He specializes in Orchestral, Dramatic, Electronic, Rock among others.

Jonas Hornqvist's other credits include: Ducati (USA) Look n' Cook (Sweden), HLR Konsulten (Sweden), Shore Sports Zone (USA), King Group Productions (USA), The B-Side Inc. (USA), Trollhattans Tomt AB (Sweden), Greenhouse Gas Management Organization (Thailand), Filmfonstret Varmland TV (Sweden), and the movies "Legend of a Hitman" and "John Hron" (trailer with Jonas music on YouTube). Jonas is also endorsed by Fender guitars and kami pickups.

If you would like to get in contact with Jonas for ordered work or to get alternative versions of his tracks at Craze Music, feel free to contact Jonas by email.

Tracks on Craze Music

Title Play Length License Price
City Rage01:23$27.95
Control Freak01:00$24.95
Demolition Calling01:27$27.95
Permission Denied01:40$27.95
Carnival of Illusion01:00$24.95
Dark Intensions02:06$29.95
Evening Blues01:56$27.95
Late Night Blues01:34$27.95
Lullaby for The Sad Ballerina00:50$24.95
Soldier of Fortune01:46$27.95
Whimsical Fairy Tales01:00$24.95
A Hero Is Born01:30$34.95
Bombs Away02:00$29.95
Destinys End01:30$34.95
Jingle Bells02:25$29.95
No Remorse02:40$29.95
Spookey Orchestra01:15$24.95
Strike First01:30$27.95
Victory Will Be Ours06:10$15.00
Collector of Souls01:41$27.95
Classical Bright Sting00:05$4.95
Uncertain Ending Sting00:10$9.95
Uneasy Tension Buildup00:10$9.95
Epic Sting00:10$9.95
Dark Tension Sting00:04$4.95
Happy Sting00:05$4.95
Heroism Awaits00:04$4.95
Magic Brightness Sting00:09$4.95
Mighty Tension Sting00:05$4.95
Positive Power Buildup00:10$9.95
Journey of Life01:41$34.95
Win or Lose02:09$39.95
Above Them All02:46$44.95
Might and Glory01:36$34.95
Another One Is Coming02:07$39.95
Against All Odds01:33$34.95
The Temple Guard01:40$34.95
Flames of War03:16$34.95
Ghost Stories from the Graveyard02:27$29.95
A Warriors Journey01:49$34.95
Never Give Up02:18$29.95
A Rose in the Sky02:00$29.95
Ghost Dance1:25$27.95
Haunted House01:57$29.95
So Far Away02:34$49.95
Above the Sky02:31$44.95
Rise of the Brave01:58$39.95
Fairys Winter Dance01:13$24.95
I Cant Reach You02:20$34.95
Ghost Pirate01:58$39.95
The Battle Is Won03:10$39.95
A Legend Is Born03:48$44.95
Heart of a Warrior02:24$39.95
Blues for You02:00$29.95


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