Stephan Lindsjo - Fellow Composer at Craze Music


Craze Music has the honor and pleasure of working with the very skilled composer Stephan Lindsjo!

Stephan Lindsjo is an experienced Swedish composer from Falun who makes music for Film, TV, corporate videos, games, documentaries, horror, trailers and other media. Having worked with music for many years with thousands of license sales, including placements in Hollywood movies (e.g Puncture Wounds, from 2014 with Dolph Lundgren, Cung Le, Vinnie Jones), his music is used daily all over the world. Stephan is a skilled piano and guitar player and records many of his tracks in his own professional recording studio.

Stephan's great music will be part of the Craze Music portfolio offering. Starting with a focus on acoustic guitar and piano music in the Inspirational and Emotional categories, Stephan will complement the Craze Music portfolio in an excellent way. Also check out other categories, such as the Trailers category to find some more Stephan Lindsjo music!

If you like Stephan's work on Craze Music, and would like to get in contact with him for ordered work or to get alternative versions of his tracks, feel free to contact Stephan by email.

Tracks on Craze Music

Title Play Length License Price
Ambient Ballad04:02$34.95
Beautiful Acoustic Guitar02:39$29.95
Cinematic Epic Trailer Soundtrack02:07$39.95
Cinematic Narrative Reflective Piano02:14$29.95
Dark Slow Dramatic Piano02:32$29.95
Dreamy Cinematic Piano01:53$29.95
Dreamy Inspirational Hope01:52$27.95
Eerie Spooky Feeling00:52$24.95
Emotional Beautiful Hope02:24$29.95
Emotional Romantic Piano02:22$29.95
Epic Pompous Battle Trailer03:01$34.95
Epic Pompous Victory02:05$39.95
Evil Background01:54$29.95
Grand Nature02:14$29.95
Halloween Piano01:00$24.95
Happy and Bright01:43$27.95
Happy Bright Uplifting Feeling03:14$34.95
Happy Fun Ukulele01:48$27.95
Happy Summer01:20$27.95
Happy Sweet Day02:07$34.95
Haunting Panic Suspenseful Tension00:30$19.95
Heroic Epic Glory02:52$44.95
Hopeful Romantic Acoustic Guitar02:47$29.95
Inspiring Success and Hope03:12$34.95
Inspiring Successful Pop02:38$34.95
Lonely Sad Piano02:14$29.95
Majestic Big Epic Trailer02:39$39.95
Medieval Background02:49$29.95
Military Requiem04:54$34.95
Old Guitar01:08$24.95
Ominous Evil Background02:23$29.95
Peaceful Guitar Music02:33$29.95
Positive Calm Pop03:09$34.95
Sad Cinematic Reflective Moment02:11$29.95
Sad Gloomy Piano02:42$29.95
Slow Piano River01:33$27.95
Sweet Acoustic02:30$34.95
Sweet Flowing02:01$34.95
Sweet Warm Summer Love01:39$27.95
Tension Horror and Suspense01:39$27.95
Uplifting Happy Guitar and Piano02:02$34.95
Warm Acoustic Guitar02:04$34.95
Acoustic Pirate02:23$29.95
Adventurous Majestic Trailer02:17$39.95
Beautiful Piano01:39$27.95
Cinematic Background02:38$29.95


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