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Being acknowledged by industry professionals that have worked in the business for decades and having reached top notch Awards and Achievements, such as getting exclusive status at one of the largest music licensing sites worldwide, Christian is an award winning composer who has also won awards in world wide competitions with celebrity judges and thousands of competitors. Below is a little background story about Christian Andersson, some words about his career, his primary styles, influences and published music albums and then follows a summary of awards and quotes on Craze Music.


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Craze Music Productions Studio Christian Andersson was born 1974 in Sweden. Being a child of a professional musician, music was a part of everyday life and he learned to play the piano, recorder, trumpet and guitar.

In the 1980s, he started to produce music on home computers, and from that time, he has followed the evolution from primitive tools to today's high end virtual instruments and production software.

His home studio consists of top-of-the-line equipment and the most powerful virtual instruments available on the market. Today Christian lives with his family in Lund, Sweden, working as a full time composer.

Development and Career

During 2008, Christian started to work with big orchestral compositions. He founded his company Craze Music while working with his first commercial video game soundtrack which became the start of a career as a professional composer. In 2010, Christian registered 90 tracks at the Swedish Performing Rights Organization, he received a scholarship from the Swedish Musicians Union for his unique artistic work and his music licensed in lots of projects, e.g. short films, museum exhibitions, games, trailers and he placed one of his tracks on 20 TV channels world wide. First half 2011, he sold CD collections of epic music to more than 30 production companies from the Film/TV industry in U.K. April 2011, he reached a finalist position in the Great American Song Contest and in May 2011, the prestigious International Songwriting Competition announced that Christian won 3rd prize out of 15.000 entrants from 115 countries in the yearly competition! In the summer 2011, he earned a place in the exclusive Top-50 Hollywood A-list at one of the biggest music licensing sites with 3000+ music writers, and in July 2011 he placed a track on MTV through one of his music agencies in the U.K. September 2011, it was announced that Christian reached a finalist position in the U.K. Songwriting Contest (and 3 other of his songs reached semifinalist positions!).
From then onwards, the music placements has just increased by every year, worldwide, including several shows at Discovery Channel, TV programs in Japan, Netherlands as well as films in Great Britain and film festivals in Australia. Every month, dozens are tracks are being licensed to the evergrowing market of games for smartphone, tablets and desktop devices, and in Sweden, Christian's works has been used in several historical exhibitions.

Genres and Styles

Christian has worked with many genres (ethnic music, jazz, classical, electro), but his main focus lies in the orchestral cinematic genre, aiming for Film/TV and games, with an emphasis on strong themes and intelligent melodies. The moods and styles go from

  • dark and gothic epic orchestrations (Dark Tidings, The Desecrated Sanctum),
  • to bright and majestic arrangements (Rejoice in Triumph, Blooming Valley)
  • and light, airy and whimsical songs of fairy tales (Bard's Tale, Whimsical Winter Story).


Christian has a long history of interest in film- and game music. In his orchestral pieces, there are many influences from cinematic music, such as Hans Zimmer (Pirates of the Caribbean), Jerry Goldsmith, Danny Elfman, Basil Poledouris (Conan the Barbarian) and game music writers such as Kai Rosenkranz (Gothic 3), Eric Heberling (Elder Scrolls 2: Daggerfall).


Music Album Collection Christian has released three full length albums, all of them available at iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby and many other sites:

Broadcast Placements in TV Channels and Networks

Below is a selection of TV channels where Craze Music has got broadcast placements in films, TV-series and shows.
Broadcast Channels


A selection of awards are shown below.

International Songwriting Competition - Winner!

ISC Medal Award "Dear Christian,

Congratulations! It is my honor and pleasure to personally inform you that "The Raving World Orchestra" has won Third Place in the Instrumental category in the 2010 International Songwriting Competition. With over 15,000 entries from 115 countries, this is a remarkable achievement, and ISC and its judges applaud the skill and dedication to the craft of composition that this win has proven.

Finalists were chosen from over 15,000 entrants, making this an extraordinary achievement. In fact, this was the most competitive year to date, so you should be very proud of this accomplishment. Each year the entries have gotten better and better, but this year was unabashedly the best in terms of quality of composition. As a result, it was more difficult than ever to select the finalists and semi-finalists. It was a daunting challenge."

Great American Song Contest

GASC Medal Award "Dear GASC entrant,

Congratulations! Your song was chosen as Finalist in the 12th Annual Great American Song Contest, a very impressive achievement considering that over 1600 songwriters from 44 countries competed in last year's event."

Words from the jury on the finalist track Rejoice in Triumph:
"You nailed this one and the title couldn't be anymore appropriate. You should pitch your work for film!"

U.K. Songwriting Contest Finalist & 3 Semifinalist positions!

Certificate Picture

During the 1st of Sept 2011, it was announced that my song "Adventurous Epic Action Thrill" (Finalist Certificate in PDF) ended up as Finalist in the U.K. Songwriting Contest! For that achievement, I got this nice little certificate. :-) Also, 3 other of my songs made it to the semifinals:

Hollywood A-List

Christian was recently included as member of the exclusive Top-50-Composer Hollywood A-list at the huge music licensing site AudiSparx, a site with 3000+ music writers and 500,000+ tracks, meaning incredibly fierce competition against lots of other talented writers.

AudioSparx: "These are the artists that Hollywood raves about, those artists whose music has been utilized in major motion pictures, award-winning TV shows, national TV ad campaigns, documentaries, infomercials, video games, and just about every other type of media you can possibly imagine! These talented, award-winning composers bring us fresh and original music with a brilliance that is consistently impressive and world-class. These A-List artists are composing next-gen, cutting edge music certain to infuse your productions with a hot irresistible audio vibe. We have both seasoned artists at the pinnacle of their careers, and also some impressive young hotshot composers unafraid to take risks. The common denominator is a whirlwind of edgier sounds that will add an unexpected sparkle to your productions. Over and over again, these composers deliver a broad choice of music with a consistently superb quality."

Swedish Musicians' Union Scholarship

Scholarship In December 2010, Christian was awarded a scholarship from the Swedish Musicians' Union in tough competition with many other successful composers.

Officially approved Artist of the unique Handpicked Lisn Music library

Lisn Music Providing Music for Media

"We're always looking for new ways to promote the great talent and music we work with." (October, 2011)

Permanently Featured Artist

On the huge music licensing site AudioSparx, Christian was selected as Permanently Featured AND Hot New Artist.

AudioSparx, on the subject of featuring Christian as Hot New Artist: "[...] It takes a certain distinctive ability to be designated as a Hot New Artist on our site. These talented, award-winning composers from around the world have much in common. Together they represent a dynamic and creative force, bringing us fresh and original music and sound effects with a brilliance that is consistently impressive and top-of-the-mark."

AudioSparx, on the subject of selecting Christian as Permanently Featured Artist: "Both your music and your titles are exceptionally good so you have also been selected as one of our Permanently Featured Artists and we look forward to more of your excellent music. [...] We are glad to have you on the AudioSparx Team, and hope our clients like your tracks as much as we do."

Quotes on Craze Music

A selection of quotes are shown below.

Great American Song Contest Jury
"You nailed this one and the title couldn't be anymore appropriate. You should pitch your work for film!" (Rejoice in Triumph)
"I appreciate your wonderful orchestration & the instrumentation is perfectly arranged!" (Blooming Valley)
"This track has tremendous energy and potential and you have a natural ability to create contemporary classical orchestration." (The Great Adventures of Winterfall)
"There are some wonderful melodic elements throughout this piece and your polished orchestration (as in your other compositions) works very well." (Busy Winter Noon at Frosty Village)
"You have an impressive talent and produce impressive, flowing and epic orchestration." (Morning at Sunrise)
"You are obviously a talented musician and you create a consistently dark and dramatic mood, just as your title would suggest." (Tales from the Forgotten Monastery)

High End Music Agency with clients like HBO, CBS, Fox
"Our music agency prides itself on possessing the BEST boutique catalog of independent music in the world. Our standards are high, and you should be very proud of yourself as an artist/label."

Professional Music Agency in the U.K.
"In our composers we look for quality and your material certainly fits that description."

Famous Music Agency with a focus on independent high quality artists
"We're looking forward to making some money together and to a long relationship. Please send us any new material you have - we love your work!"

Huge Music Agency with sales all over the planet
"We pride ourselves on the quality of our catalog. We know we have the BEST independent music in the world. Our standards are high, and you should be very proud to be a part of this. We owe it to each other to work as professionals in the same capacity. It's what separates us from the rest."

Brooksley Media Blog, worked for Miramax, NBC, FOX as music director
"I really like how you picked a market/genre and went with it, Christian. Your compositions are amazing; I'm very impressed with your arrangements. I think you would have no problem as sound designer for video games and film soundtracks. I can easily see you, as a composer, would be a "hit" among sound designers and video game music supervisors."

Arthur Moore, www.arthurmooremusic.com
"Unless they're nuts, the film and television people should beat a path to his door. [...] Okay, just who the Hell are you Anyway?! YOU'RE A FREAKING GENIUS! Your stuff belongs on Broadway, in films and in television. Is it all your original stuff ? I mean it's so good, I have difficult time believing it."

Ewart Williams, Professional Musician, www.ewartwilliams.com
"Your stuff is brilliant, Christian... You may be asking too little for your songs."

Sellzey, SmashSongs composers' site
"Amazing Portfolio! I listened to several of your tunes and am blown away by your talent and production skills. Your skill level is incredible and the feel of your songs is immediate and lasting. I wish you the best! [...] thanks for raising the bar with your excellent talent and production skills, Christian......sellzey"

Dan Wyszynski, game developer, cocos2d dev forum
"His music speaks for itself, but I'll add that it is some of the best that I've ever heard. You could easily hear these tracks in any epic movie, and to be able to add that ambiance to a game is special, to say the least. I'll definitely be working with Christian in future titles"

ClockWorkDoc, game developer, cocos2d dev forum
"I was shocked at the quality of these pieces, the quality is far above the prices charged. You are very talented Christian, I hope those using the songs do them justice, because they are each works of art on their own."


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