Welcome to the News section! Below is a list of my latest tracks, projects and placements. Here you can see what's going on in my studio: ongoing projects, placements in Film/TV and Video Games, etc.

New Pack - Epic Stings Vol 1

Published: 2018-07-28
article imageFrom bright cinematic heroism to dark uneasy action tension - a pack of powerful stings with orchestration and full power that can be used as intros, outros, happy endings or game over scenarios. Perfect for games, news flash, competitions, sports broadcasts, etc.

Check out the Product HERE.
Check out the Video HERE.

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    Slashing Prices Big Time

    Published: 2018-07-27
    article imageCraze Music is now completely slashing the prices of all tracks on the site. Where license fees were before 5 - 45 bucks, the same tracks are now sold for 1 - 15! For example, you will get a full length epic trailer track for $15, and a short 5-10 second intro/outro/stinger for $1!

    See examples below for a $15 Epic and a $1 stinger. Now get busy shopping! :-)

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    Victory Will Be Ours - 2 Min
    Epic Big Battle - 10s

    Latest Broadcast Placements

    Published: 2018-06-15
    article imageAccording to the June Broadcast Placement statement, Craze Music had 20+ tracks in international TV series and Cinemas.

    Some examples:
    TV in Denmark: Bouncy Little Tale
    Sweden / Denmark TV: Eastern Mysteries
    USA TV: The Treasures of Ra
    Cinema USA and Bulgaria: Tricky Adventure

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    Bouncy Little Tale - 50s
    Tricky Adventure - 4 Min Loop
    Eastern Mysteries - 2 Min
    The Treasures of Ra

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    New Music Pack - Happy Jazz

    Published: 2018-04-15
    article imageCheck out this new pack with Jazz music!

    Check out the Product HERE.
    Check out the Video HERE.

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    Cool Platformer at App Store

    Published: 2017-10-04
    article imageA steaming hot release of the cool platformer game Castle Mania by Cool Brothers with a track from Craze Music "Cavemen - Drums and Choir", see link below.

    Check out the Product HERE.
    Check out the Video HERE.
    Check out the Company Site HERE.
    Read more information HERE.

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    Cavemen - Drums Choir

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    New Mystery Puzzle Game at Google Play

    Posted by Christian Andersson, 2017-05-25

    2017-05-25 article image

    Here's a brand new release of the great puzzle game Strange Magic Escape by Eric Vaughan at Startlecat Games, now on GooglePlay! It has a bit eerie mysterious and ambient background music get the right atmosphere, all tracks customized exclusively for this game by Craze Music. So if you like puzzle games, be sure to check it out at Google Play. The product contains track(s) from Craze Music and it is released by Eric Vaughan at Startlecat Games for Android. Get it online HERE. Here's a video showing off some cool action. Read more about it HERE.

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    Craze Music placement in American Late-Night Talk Show

    Posted by Christian Andersson, 2017-05-18

    2017-05-18 article image

    Here's some fresh TV broadcast placment news! Craze Music tracks can now be heard in the American pop culture-based late-night talk show produced live from New York City, hosted by Andy Cohen, called 'Watch What Happens Live', a show with many famous guests like Jennifer Lopez. Hope Jennifer likes my tracks. :-D

    Craze Music and the Dwarves

    Posted by Christian Andersson, 2017-05-08

    2017-05-08 article image

    Here's a new and upcoming cool RPG game Dwarven Monster Slayers to look out for! I love dungeon crawlers and RPG adventures myself, so it made me happy to see my music used in a game that is totally my style. Dwarven Monster Slayers is a coop 1-5 player multiplayer video game that blends old school role-playing gameplay with survival and stealth game mechanics. The game features tactical and team-based combat, exploration of a huge, immersive underground world, a comprehensive background story, character development, loot hunting, sandbox elements and much more. Alltogether, the game aims at creating a fluid gameplay that feels fresh and familiar at the same time. Here's a Craze Music track that was used in the game trailer at Vimeo The Great Adventure of Winterfall The product contains track(s) from Craze Music and it is released by Moritz and Malte at Mad Dungeon for Windows. Here's a video showing off some cool action. Read more in the Official Presskit.

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    Semifinalist at UK Songwriting Contest

    Posted by Christian Andersson, 2016-08-15

    2016-08-15 article image

    The track Go for Gold and Glory (already finalist in the Great American Song Contest) has now also reached Semifinalist position in the UK Songwriting Contest! And this means it can still reach finalist position and win 1st-3rd prize!
    Check out the YouTube video of the track or simply go directly to the track at Craze Music and to download or listen to all all variants here!


    Craze Music in Blazing Space Shooter

    Posted by Christian Andersson, 2016-08-11

    2016-08-12 article image

    Check out the new Blaze 'N Bullets and vote it up for Greenlight! Good ol' horizontal space shooter. Swipe the screen clear with fat lasers and blazing bullets! Enjoy the awesome heavy metal trailer track Facebreaker by Jonas Hornqvist at Craze Music! The product contains track(s) from Craze Music and it is released by Johann Lange at Recoil Games for Windows. Get it online HERE. Here's some YouTube Action. Read more about it HERE.

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    New Tracks at Craze Music

    Posted by Christian Andersson, 2016-08-11

    2016-08-11 article image

    New tracks published! Check out the 5 new tracks, including looped variants, bumpers and stings at Craze Music in the Latest Music section:

    Craze Music in movie - A Good Man

    Posted by Christian Andersson, 2016-08-08

    2016-08-08 article image

    The PRO STIM reports use of Craze Music track in the Steven Seagal movie 'A Good Man'. Always nice to get placements in a movie once in a while. :-)

    More news coming soon...

    10 New Broadcast Music Placements World-Wide

    Posted by Christian Andersson, 2016-07-12

    2016-07-12 article image

    It was time to check the PRO reported titles of my music usage in TV Shows and films world wide.... and yes, things are happening out there. About 10 more music placements in TV-Shows and movies!
    Here are a couple of the placements.
    - A Good Man (movie with Steven Seagal)
    - Blood Sweat and Tools
    - Pawn Stars
    - Yukon for Sale
    More detailed articles to follow.
    So... back to the studio, work, work, work -> more music!

    Have a good summer day!

    Great American Song Contest Finalist

    Posted by Christian Andersson, 2016-04-05

    2016-04-05 article image

    "Outstanding songs were discovered all categories of the 17th Annual Great American Song Contest. GASC Judges reviewed songs by nearly 1800 songwriters around the world. The impressive quality of songwriting made the task of choosing winners enjoyable, but also challenging. [...] All scored near the top of their respective categories."

    The track Go for Gold and Glory has just been announced as finalist in the Great American Song Contest! Here is an image snapshot of the INSTRUMENTAL category results from their site.
    Sometimes, not every year, I submit that year's best track(s) to one or two competitions. Had some really good years 2010-2011 where I even won 3rd prize in the International Songwriting Competition, but now it was a while ago that I got some good positions. It's always nice to get recognition from industry professionals that I do stuff that reach top notch quality while measured against other artists. If you prefer listening with visuals, you can check the YouTube version here.

    Want to check out its variants (intro, stinger, 30 sec, loop, etc) and/or license the track for private or commercial use?As simple as always: just get it here on site [Go for Gold and Glory], and pay a small fee to use it in your product/clip/whatever!

    /Christian, Craze Music

    Lasers and Vegetables

    Posted by Christian Andersson, 2016-03-22

    2016-03-22 article image

    Veg Wars is now in an exquisite little Android Play boutique near you. Soundtrack by... yup... Craze Music. Are you secretly dreaming about blasting vegetables with powerful quad-laser-beams? Don't worry: I've got the GOOD NEWS for YOU! It's HERE! The game of our dreams! If you are a vegetarian and like Star Wars, you can now enjoy the best of both parts. The product contains track(s) from Craze Music and it is released by Antuan Steyn at Black Ant Studio for Android. Get it online HERE. Read more about it HERE.

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    Craze Music on Chinese TV

    Posted by Christian Andersson, 2016-03-18

    2016-03-18 article image

    New Broadcast Placement on Chinese TV
    The Show: Discover the Great Silk Road!
    Placed track: Morning at Sunrise

    The track starts about 12:13 into this episode, as background music to wonderful landscape scenery with mountain and hills. Makes perfectly sense to me. :-)
    More epic/majestic music here: Epic Majestic Music
    More dreamy/calm/cinematic music here: Dreamy/Calm/Peaceful

    /Christian, Craze Music

    Track placement in upcoming episode of Ghost Adventures on Travel Channel

    Posted by Christian Andersson, 2016-01-10

    2016-01-10 article image

    Woo! Just got a broadcast placement on one of the BIG channels - Travel Channel!
    The Show: Ghost Adventures!
    Placed track: Quirky Little Tale - 2 Min Loop

    Not my first guess that it would end up in a TV Show about ghost adventures, I must say... but of course, each episode has a variety of moods. Will try to get my hands on that episode. Would be cool to know how the track was used. :-)
    Anyway, if you're intrested in Fun and Playful tracks or Ghost Tracks, have a peek in these genres:
    Fun and Playful
    Mystery / Spooky / Horror

    Peace, Love and all that. :-)
    /Christian, Craze Music