Below is the list of services available at Craze Music Productions. Should you have other requirements, never hesitate to send an email to , fire off your questions, and I'll be happy to answer them!

Order New Music

Contact me at and describe what you have in mind.
Feel free to download my >>Starter Pack<< to get the following info:

  • Business Model - Price Examples and Discounts for Ordered tracks
  • Song Description Template - a template that will help you describe your tracks
  • Standard License agreement
  • Exclusive License agreement
... and remember:EVERYTHING is negotiable! The terms and prices described in the documents above can of course be discussed and I will do my best in order to match Your special needs and requirements.

License for Web, Film/TV, Games, Android/iPhone/Pad, etc

License Shopping Cart For a small license fee, you get a 100% legal license to use my compositions with your production: Film/TV, Video Games, Theatre performances, Exhibitions, Advertisements, Web sites, YouTube, Android/iPhone/Pad apps & games, etc.

To license a track, click the Shopping Cart. See License Terms for Personal vs Commercial use.

Get huge discounts for multiple tracks. Check out the ready-to-go Packs or if you need something else, you can put together your own Custom Pack). Tracks can also be re-worked, evolved, re-mastered or remixed to suit your project for FREE if total licensing cost adds up to $100+ and work effort fits in 1 working day! and let me know your needs.

Available for Hiring

Craze Music Productions is a registered company. If your project needs a music writer to write and produce a sound track, you can hire me as a consultant for shorter or longer periods of time.