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I cannot recommend to listen to anything of the stuff below. Return to the web page you came from, Oh Mysterious Stranger! This page contains really old stuff and some of it holds extremely low quality, and can be considered severe crap. One may say that all the songs below bear witness to the fact that I could never EVER become a successful pop music composer. Should you still be interested in the section below, by any chance, this page contains what I have produced from the mid 90s until about year 2007. I often look back on old productions with horror and despise. However, one must remember that the earliest tools I used were very primitive and the instruments were very low quality. I couldn't affort to spend hundreds of Euros on equipment during the years of school and university. Lack of money, lack of tools and lack of time (*evil voice*...and lack of skills *shhhh!*). With that in mind, it can still be interesting to listen and remember (at least for myself) what I have done from the earliest primitive songs until today's latest songs. (To be sure that there are no misunderstandings: if I coincidentally say that I think something is good below, I don't mean good as in GOOD, but maybe the intention and the initial idea was good, so the song is just relatively good to be crap.)

Funky and Light

Happy, light and positive thinking is the dominating feeling in these funky little tunes. The major inspiration source and usage of instruments is funk-guitar sounds from Slayer2.

Funk My Touch
No comment... except that my collegue has it shorcut:ed on his Windows desktop so that he can listen to it to become in better mood. Wow...could I get better feedback than that!? (Thanx Daniel! ;-)
Funk You Very Much
Nice one, I think, although not very special. Based on the same basic theme as FunkMyTouch. It was too good not to be used again in another song.
Shut The Funk Up
Not so good. But is has some kind of funk feeling to it anytway.
Snuttig Funk Pop
Pretty OK. There's kind of a "bouncy" feeling to this little tune. I tried to pan the instruments a bit in this song. One of the first tunes where I tried to use panning to make the sound picture more interesting.


The songs here are not so interesting, as is mostly the case with this kind of music. (Well, that's of course only my own thinking and taste. ;-) Yet, when I feel dry on inspiration, I often start playing around with some fat electronic sounds, and sometimes I come up with a presentable result.

Gosiga Grejer (Goodie Stuff)
Made with Cubase & Vanguard VSTI. Pretty OK.
Space Synth Extreme 2
Made with Cubase, Vanguard and Nexus VSTI. Pretty OK.
Techno No1 with Voice
Very bad mastering on this song. The sound picture is beyond my worst nightmares. Anyway... I'll upload it here. Some guy at "Studio Forum" gave me some nice words about it.
Nr 1 Underwater Techno
One of my better electronica songs, I think. But it's not enough bass in this song. Needs more work.
Acid Tech
A try with using the tool Sonic Acid Pro, a loop-based music creation tool. The song is a bit too short, still, pretty OK, but nothing special.
Melodic and nice.
Atmosoundic Haze
I think the effects are used in a nice way in this song. The way how the raw guitars are sneaking into the song is also good. The later part of the song is maybe not so good. I should have taken better care of this project.
Crazy Arp Sound
Short, not so good song. Contains a home made arpeggio synth sound. This is my only home made synth sound ever. The little song is built around those simple synth sounds.
Hyfsat Feta Grejer (Pretty Fat Stuff)
A very simple song, yet it seems, one of my best electronica songs. Maybe the best, judging by what I've heard my friends say. I once tried to improve it afterwards, some year after I finished the project. But it became a fiasco, so I'll leave it here.
Slayer2! An experient with mixing Slayer2-guitar-emulated sounds with electronica. Interesting, but the sound picture is too sharp and edgy. To tell the truth, it doesn't even sound "ninja".
The Gone To Bournemouth Song
When my wife left me during 4 months for a stay in English Bournemouth, I did short song named after this event. Some pretty cool electronic and computerized sounds, but the song is short and trivial.
Visslande Jimmy Rönn (Whistling Jimmy Rönn)
Warnings: contains strong electronic content! This song has strictly electronic/computerized sounds. I found a cool whistle-sound that could slide nicely between tones, so made a base background loop, and then I soloed my ass off with the whistle in one long record take! ;-) It was fun, and here's the result. By the way... Jimmy Rönn was a guy in my old hometown Tyringe who used to bike on his backweel through the whole town, while talking to himself. I thought he was a funny guy. But he was LEGENDARY! I imagined this guy, biking around, whistling this song. Damn.. wait.. this is interesting... I just found him on facebook: http://sv.facebook.com/people/Jimmy_Ronn/749718958 ... YEAH! He still looks cool and legendary!

Tough Stuff

(Note: sensitive readers are recommended to skip this section. Complaints on the material will just be answered with: "I told you so.").
This is the hardest, rawest songs and sounds that I have produced so far. Much of it comes from the guitar emulation instrument Slayer2 from ReFx. Great instruments in this VSTI plugin. Too bad I lack the skillz to use 'em. ;-)

Hard Shit V3
This song was a learning project to try out if I could get some really hard and raw guitar sounds. I experimented with Flanger and Overdrive effects on the guitar sounds, and finally, I came up with something pretty good. I am quite satisfied with the overall mastering and sound picture. Then song in itself is hardly a real song, but more, as noted above, a learning project.
Another shitty day
This was gonna be a song with vocals and lyrics - a quite pessimistic song. My sister worked out some lyrics to it. I worked a bit more on the song, but finally I came to the conclusion that the song's low quality could not match up to the very good lyrics. So here, the project halted. Now, only this "skeleton" remains, without vocals and lyrics. It's a shame. But I need to improve my skills, that is obvious.
My first serious try on the Slayer2 guitar emulation VSTI. Not too shabby for a first try. Now, with a perspective on it, it turns out that, perhaps, it is still one of my better shots on this musical genre.
RockTäckno (Rock Techno)
Raw, heavy. Mixed some raw electronic sounds together with Slayer2 sounds. Not very bad, but nothing special either.
Surfin' the Slayer Wave
The name is self explantatory: I was surfing the inspiration from the Slayer2 instruments. This song is good!! A very interesting mix between crisp synth sounds and raw guitar sounds, but I fear that the majority of the listeners are not capable to comprehend this simple fact. Maybe I will find the energy one day to try to explain just HOW good it is, and WHY it is good. ;-)
The Lost Nine Jaw
This song could be about a lost monster with nine jaws. Or it could be a transcription of "The Last Ninja". I prefer the latter, which is closer to the truth as the inspiration comes from the Commodore 64 games The Last Ninja and The Last Ninja 2 - one of the best music pieces ever created for C64. In this song, I was also striving to achive The True Ninja Feeling - obviosly something worth striving for. And I feel I hit right on spot. I was great fun do make this song, and went completely wild on the Arena Drum beat from Groove Agent. It may sound overkill, but I can assure you it is nothing to worry about:
It's just The Ninja going crazy with his mad ninja skillz!
Trance Hard Stuff
This one could have been placed in the Electronica section as well. But it still has a heavy feeling to it, and some raw Slayer2 guitars to give it a cruel and angry feeling.

Jazzy And Classy

Some material with a different kind of style.

Bosses Nya (Bosse's New)
A bossa nova song where most instruments were recorded in one take, which makes them severely untight. I have not bothered to fix it or to do re-takes of the recordings, lazy as I am. If one can bear the musical untightness, it is still a charming little tune.
Another Lucia remix with metallized vocals.
A little bossa nova song, dedicated to my wife. When she was in England, I made this tune for her. Kind of cute, but also here, the musical part is a bit untight.
When Tiny Falls Asleep
A lullaby, dedicated to my sister's child Amina. Recorded in a single take which makes it one of my more genuine tunes.
Edit: 2009-06-28, changed the piano sound to a better one and added a soft limiter to the master channel to keep the volume below clipping level.


My old MIDI songs contain some good stuff and some bad stuff. It is in the nature of MIDI songs to be primitive, as the MIDI sounds can never reach the quality of fat synth sounds or sampled instruments. However, the intentions of the songs below can sometimes be realized and appreciated. Some of the songs could be worth to re-instrumentize with better sampled versions, and in the end it could come something good out of it. However, I doubt that I will ever have the energy to go back to those old projects. But maybe, one day...

MIDI - pretty finished projects

Adventstid - cover
An own arrangement of the Swedish Christmas song "Adventstid". Not impressive, but kind of nice anyway.
Underbar (Wonderful) - cover
An own arrangement of some hymn, called "Underbar". Not so interesting, but pretty OK.
Funky Lucia
An own arrangement of the Swedish Lucia song "Sankta Lucia". An interesting reggae variant of Sankta Lucia where I got inspiration from another arrangement of this song that I heard many years ago on the Amiga 500.
Balladen Lars ("Lars" the ballad)
Kind of a music ballad. Full sized song. Kind of cute. I added a looped guitar sample some year after I finished the original MIDI project.
Jibe Jazz
Not bad. Not bad at all. Some better instruments to this one, and extend it to full size, and it could be my best project ever. Maybe one day... ("Jibe" is a down-wind windsurfing turn. If I remember correctly, when I wrote this song, I had just performed my first successful windsurfing jibe...)
KoolZong - The Seventies
I have a passion for 70s disco. When I wrote this song, I wanted to get some good 70s disco sound. I was extremely successful... I thought... at that time. Today, it sounds purely pathetic. Well, well...
Medeltid - Riddaren och geten (Middle Age - The Knight and the Goat)
This song is not musically tight. In the program I did my MIDI editing at that time, it was very tiresome to fix small mistakes, and I got fed up with it. However, the intention of the song is good. I should do a re-make of this one. The song is about a Sir Knight and a Goat. The knight wants to pass a bridge, but the bridge is blocked by the goat. Exactly how the story ends remains unknown. However, it is rumoured that the knight never succeeded to pass the bridge.
Samba la Sombrero
One of my brightest moments in my MIDI production period. The song is consequent in style and mood throughout the whole piece. And it's nice and melodious too!
The Ninja From Finja
This is good. I tried to get some really good "Ninja-feeling" to this work, and I think I was successful with it. Also, this piece is melodious and interesting. It is possible that I added some extra bass sound to the finished MIDI project afterwards in Cubase, I don't remember.

Half finished projects and failed experiments

Bra Men Kort (Good But Short)
An interesing start, but very cliché.
Fet Start (Fat Start)
Well, not exactly fat, but anyway, could have become something.
Fluffigt Och Fint 2 - Början
(Fluffy and Nice, start of a song that never became finished) This is actually quite nice. I should continue this one some day.
Sjysst Början (Cool start)
Nowadays, I don't agree with the title, but it do sound like some creative experimenting though.
Skalmans Vaggvisa (Skalman's Lullaby)
Not so bad. Melodic. But as with most MIDI songs, it doesn't matter how much you work with them. It's very hard to get something really good out of it, no matter how much time you spend with it.
Sprillans ny Sylt (Brand new jam)
This is technically a nice piece of work. The sound isn't so bad either. I spent quite some time on this one.


The material here was done for my family or for other personal pleasures. The songs are mainly done in Cubase with instruments from Vanguard and Nexus and drums from Groove Agent.

Morsan 60 år (Mother - 60 years celebration)
Same without vocals
My sister Maria has an incredible talent for picking up a known song and putting some funny and good lyrics to it. That's what she's done for our parents 60 year celebration events. To her lyrics, I've tried to do remakes of the original songs so that we could sing her lyrics and add them to the music. This one was for our mother Bodil's birthday.
The original song is: After Dark's "Åh när Ni tar saken i egna händer"
Farsan 60 år (Father - 60 years celebration)
Same without vocals
This song is for father Sven's 60th birthday celebration. Also lyrics by sister Maria. Unfortunately, I didn't adjust this song to a good pitch, so it became hard to sing to it. Therefore, the vocals are... strained...
The original song is: After Dark's "La Dolce Vita"
When I'm Sixty-Four
...could also have been for our parent's birthdays, but this was actually used by my sister on her neighbour's wedding. Once again, she and her husband had come up with some good lyrics to sing with it. So I tried to make a simple arrangement from the Beatles song "When I'm sixty-four". But, yes I know, the musical result became severely untight.
Give that Funk to Me
I tried to use some wave-loop-material to produce a song with higher quality than General MIDI. I bought a lot of good sound material with Pro Loops, a DVD full of wave-loops. So this song is based on some cool sound-loops, and on top of that, my own written lyrics and song, and also my wife Marina has contributed in the refrain. To hide my lacking vocal skillz, I tried to distort the vocals with sound effects. Surprisingly, it became even worse. Thus, to understand the text, one has to read the lyrics material provided.


This is the totally failed stuff that I have produced. (Well, if you don't count all my MIDI songs and the FastTracker songs, that is... ;-)

Humörfrestaren (Temperament-tempter)
When you hear this song, you are presumably tempted to smash or destroy something.
Indiska Oceanens Kampsång (Indian Ocean Fight Song)
Requires no further presentation.
Konstiga Melodilåten (Weird melody-song)
Here I show that I have mastered the skill to, in an incomprehensible way, mix unrelated melodies and styles in one single song in order to completely destroy it. Impressive, most impressive.
TyringeCoolaLåten_helt_vansinnig_låt (TheTyringeCoolSong - totally insane tune)
General MIDI based. I used to laugh my way through this insane song. Endless experimenting within the same song. I change theme and style, like every 10 seconds or something. Listen at the passage between 0:57 - 0:59. Totally wrong.
Åke Stolt
General MIDI based. Unfinished cover of Jochen Hippel's "Chambers of Shaolin" main theme. Åke Stolt was an annoying sports-writer in the Swedish newspaper Sydsvenskan. At least I thought so at the time of naming this annoying little song. (I was probably just in a bad mood - surely Åke has an understanding with this...)

Ancient Trackers Tunes

Thou shalt not listen to this! This is stuff from the 90s and has so low quality that your ears will fall off.
Craze Jam
Craze Tech

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