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Title Play Length Personal
A Hero Is Born01:30$17.95$34.95
Adventurous Epic Action Thrill - 105s01:45$14.95$29.95
Adventurous Epic Action Thrill - 30s00:30$9.95$19.95
Adventurous Epic Action Thrill - 60s00:58$12.95$25.95
Adventurous Epic Action Thrill - 80s01:20$13.95$27.95
Adventurous Epic Battle - 1 Min01:08$13.95$27.95
Adventurous Majestic Trailer02:17$16.95$33.95
Age of Darkness01:37$14.95$29.95
An Adventurous Tale03:28$9.95$19.95
An Epic Tale - 1 Min01:16$13.95$27.95
An Epic Tale - 2 Min02:05$16.95$33.95
Bombastic Glory - 17s Stinger00:17$7.95$15.95
Bombastic Glory - 30s00:30$9.95$19.95
Bombastic Glory - 30s Choir00:30$9.95$19.95
Bombastic Glory - 35s Power Brass00:35$9.95$19.95
Bombastic Glory - 80s Slow Majestic01:20$13.95$27.95
Boots of Steel01:00$13.95$27.95
Boots of Steel - 15s Brutal Cut00:16$7.95$15.95
Boots of Steel - 30s Brutal Ending00:30$9.95$19.95
Boots of Steel - 30s Long Solo Ending00:30$9.95$19.95
Brutal Action Tension Builder01:14$13.95$27.95
Brutal Action Tension Builder - 30s00:30$9.95$19.95
Brutal Action Tension Builder - 30s No Ticking00:30$9.95$19.95
Brutal Action Tension Builder - 5s00:05$4.95$9.95
Brutal Action Tension Builder - 60s01:00$13.95$27.95
Brutal Action Tension Builder - 9s00:09$4.95$9.95
Brutal Action Tension Builder - No Ticking01:14$13.95$27.95
Building Sneaky Tension to Full Action - 10s00:10$7.95$15.95
Building Sneaky Tension to Full Action - 17s00:17$7.95$15.95
Building Sneaky Tension to Full Action - 30s00:31$9.95$19.95
Building Sneaky Tension to Full Action - 50s00:51$12.95$25.95
Building Sneaky Tension to Full Action - 60s01:00$13.95$27.95
Building Sneaky Tension to Full Action - Mighty End Riser01:08$13.95$27.95
Catacombs of Unrest03:10$16.95$33.95
Cinematic Epic Trailer Soundtrack02:07$14.95$29.95
Cinematic Wondrous Epic Intro - 30s Choir00:32$9.95$19.95
Clash of the Titans - 15s00:15$7.95$14.95
Clash of the Titans - 20s00:20$7.95$14.95
Clash of the Titans - 28s Variant Ending00:28$7.95$14.95
Clash of the Titans - 30s00:31$7.95$14.95
Clash of the Titans - 5s Stinger00:05$4.95$9.95
Clash of the Titans - 8s Stinger00:08$4.95$9.95
Clash of the Titans - 9s Stinger00:09$4.95$9.95
Collector of Souls01:41$19.95$39.95
Control Freak01:00$12.95$26.95
Core of the Epic Battle - Choir01:15$13.95$27.95
Core of the Epic Battle - Instrumental01:15$13.95$27.95
Crush It - 1 Min00:50$10.95$21.95
Crush It - 12s00:12$6.95$13.95
Crush It - 22s00:22$7.95$15.95
Crush It - 30s00:30$8.95$17.95
Crush It - 90s01:30$13.95$27.95
Curse of the Djinn - Short Version01:00$13.95$27.95
Dark Epic Power Trailer - 30s Instrumental00:30$9.95$19.95
Dark Epic Power Trailer - 30s Shouts and Choir00:30$9.95$19.95
Dark Threat with Heavy Metal Feel - 1 Min01:07$13.95$27.95
Dark Tidings01:42$14.95$29.95
Dark Tidings - 30s Intro Choir00:32$9.95$19.95
Dark Tidings - Instrumental01:41$14.95$29.95
Dark Tidings - Short Version01:16$13.95$27.95
Dark Tidings - With Intro Choir02:01$16.95$33.95
Demolition Calling01:27$16.95$34.95
Destinys End01:30$17.95$34.95
Drive It Hard - 1 Min01:00$12.95$25.95
Drive It Hard - 15s00:15$6.95$13.95
Drive It Hard - 2 Min02:11$14.95$29.95
Drive It Hard - Loop01:39$13.95$27.95
Epic Big Battle - 1 Min00:57$12.95$25.95
Epic Big Battle - 10s00:09$4.95$9.95
Epic Big Battle - 2 Min02:10$16.95$33.95
Epic Big Battle - 30s00:30$9.95$19.95
Epic Big Battle - Loop01:36$14.95$29.95
Epic Heroic Power Metal - 1 Min01:30$14.95$29.95
Epic Heroic Power Metal - 3 Min02:40$17.95$35.95
Epic Pompous Battle Trailer03:01$18.95$37.95
Epic Pompous Victory02:05$16.95$33.95
Exciting Events and Action Ahead - 15s00:15$4.95$9.95
Exciting Events and Action Ahead - 30s00:30$7.95$14.95
Exciting Events and Action Ahead - 40s00:39$7.95$14.95
Exciting Events and Action Ahead - 5s Stinger00:05$4.95$9.95
Exciting Events and Action Ahead - 60s00:58$9.95$19.95
Exciting Events and Action Ahead - 8s Stinger00:08$4.95$9.95
For the Sake of Glory01:35$19.95$39.95
For the Sake of Glory - 16s00:16$8.95$17.95
For the Sake of Glory - 30s00:30$11.95$23.95
For the Sake of Glory - 53s Loop00:53$14.95$29.95
For the Sake of Glory - 60s01:00$17.95$34.95
For the Sake of Glory - 6s00:06$4.95$9.95
Forceful Pressure and Tension - 10s00:09$4.95$9.95
Forceful Pressure and Tension - 15s00:16$7.95$14.95
Forceful Pressure and Tension - 30s00:32$7.95$14.95
Forceful Pressure and Tension - 30s Loop00:30$7.95$14.95
Forceful Pressure and Tension - 5s00:05$4.95$9.95
Gathering of the Dark Hordes - 1 Min01:00$13.95$27.95
Gathering of the Dark Hordes - 30s Intro Trailer00:28$8.95$17.95
Gathering of the Dark Hordes - Trailer Style01:08$13.95$27.95
Glory to the Brave One01:04$13.95$27.95
Glory to the Brave One - 30s00:30$9.95$19.95
Glory to the Brave One - 35s Loop00:34$9.95$19.95
Glory to the Brave One - 40s00:38$9.95$19.95
Glory to the Brave One - 45s00:45$11.95$23.95
Glory to the Brave One - Extended01:56$16.95$33.95
Go for Gold and Glory - 15s Sting00:15$8.95$17.95
Go for Gold and Glory - 2 Min02:10$22.95$44.95
Go for Gold and Glory - 2 Min With Intro02:23$22.95$44.95
Go for Gold and Glory - 30s00:29$11.95$23.95
Go for Gold and Glory - 60s01:00$17.95$34.95
Go for Gold and Glory - Loop01:47$22.95$44.95
Happy Bright Soft Intro or Ending - 15s00:15$6.95$13.95
Happy Majestic Epic Power Ending - 25s00:25$7.95$15.95
Happy Majestic Epic Power Ending - 35s00:35$8.95$17.95
Hectic Action - 10s00:10$7.95$15.95
Hectic Action - 15s00:15$7.95$15.95
Hectic Action - 30s00:29$8.95$17.95
Hectic Action - 44s00:44$11.95$23.95
Hectic Action - 5s Stinger00:05$4.95$9.95
Hero in Shadowed Lands01:38$14.95$29.95
Hero in Shadowed Lands - Short00:57$12.95$25.95
Hero of Darkness01:26$13.95$27.95
Hero of Darkness - Instrumental01:26$13.95$27.95
Hero of Darkness - With Intro02:03$16.95$33.95
Heroic Epic Glory02:52$17.95$35.95
Horns of War - 1 Min Choir Shouts01:00$13.95$27.95
Horns of War - 1 Min Loop00:59$12.95$25.95
Horns of War - 25s Intro00:25$8.95$17.95
Horns of War - 30s00:30$9.95$19.95
Horns of War - 30s Choir Shouts00:30$9.95$19.95
Horns of War - 30s Shouts00:30$9.95$19.95
Horns of War - 42s Shouts00:42$11.95$23.95
Horns of War - 48s Intro00:48$11.95$23.95
Hunt, Fight and Flee - 3 Min fadeout03:07$16.95$33.95
Lonely Halls03:07$16.95$33.95
Majestic Big Epic Trailer02:39$17.95$35.95
March of Honor - 1 Min00:58$12.95$25.95
March of Honor - 15s00:15$7.95$15.95
March of Honor - 26s00:26$8.95$17.95
March of Honor - 32s Power00:32$9.95$19.95
Might and Glory01:36$19.95$39.95
Mighty Battle Upfront - 10s Power Ending00:10$7.95$15.95
Mighty Battle Upfront - 30s00:30$9.95$19.95
Mighty Battle Upfront - 50s00:50$12.95$25.95
Mighty Battle Upfront - 60s01:00$13.95$27.95
Mighty Battle Upfront - 72s01:12$13.95$27.95
Mighty Battle Upfront - 75s01:15$13.95$27.95
Morning at Sunrise - Long Version01:58$16.95$33.95
Morning at Sunrise - Medium Version01:21$13.95$27.95
Morning at Sunrise - Short Version00:49$11.95$23.95
No Remorse02:40$17.95$34.95
No Remorse - 1 Min Intro Part01:10$13.95$24.95
No Remorse - 1 Min Power Part01:21$13.95$24.95
Permission Denied01:40$14.95$29.95
Pirate Theme01:20$17.95$34.95
Pirate Theme - 1 Min Loop01:00$17.95$34.95
Pirate Theme - 10s Fanfare00:10$4.95$9.95
Pirate Theme - 30s00:30$11.95$23.95
Pirate Theme - 4s00:04$4.95$9.95
Pirate Theme - 8s00:08$4.95$9.95
Pompous Magnificus - 1 Min No Intro01:14$13.95$27.95
Pompous Magnificus - 15s Intro or Ending00:15$7.95$15.95
Pompous Magnificus - 2 Min02:01$16.95$33.95
Pompous Magnificus - 33s Bright Trumpet00:33$9.95$19.95
Pompous Magnificus - 33s Mighty Horns00:33$9.95$19.95
Pompous Magnificus - 3s Fanfare00:03$4.95$9.95
Pompous Magnificus - 60s01:00$13.95$27.95
Pompous Magnificus - 90s No Mid Part01:30$14.95$29.95
Reaching the Enemy Lines02:27$16.95$33.95
Ready to Battle the Giants - 25s00:26$7.95$14.95
Ready to Battle the Giants - 25s Loop00:25$7.95$14.95
Ready to Battle the Giants - 35s Loop00:36$7.95$14.95
Ready to Battle the Giants - 40s00:39$7.95$14.95
Ready to Battle the Giants - 5s Stinger00:05$4.95$9.95
Ready to Battle the Giants - 8s Stinger00:08$4.95$9.95
Rejoice in Triumph01:37$19.95$39.95
Rejoice in Triumph - 1 Min01:02$17.95$34.95
Revelations of Metallic Doom01:23$13.95$27.95
Revenge of the Night Stalker - 15s00:16$6.95$13.95
Revenge of the Night Stalker - 2 Min02:04$14.95$29.95
Revenge of the Night Stalker - 30s00:30$8.95$17.95
Revenge of the Night Stalker - 30s Alt Ending00:30$8.95$17.95
Revenge of the Night Stalker - 40s Loop00:40$9.95$19.95
Revenge of the Night Stalker - 45s00:45$9.95$19.95
Revenge of the Night Stalker - 5s00:06$4.95$9.95
Revenge of the Night Stalker - 60s00:58$10.95$21.95
Revenge of the Night Stalker - 80s Loop01:20$12.95$25.95
Revenge of the Night Stalker - 97s01:37$13.95$27.95
Revenge of the Night Stalker - Big Tension Risers01:27$12.95$25.95
Rise of an Empire01:42$19.95$39.95
Rise of an Empire - 106s No Intro Choir Ending01:46$19.95$39.95
Rise of an Empire - 43s No Intro00:43$13.95$26.95
Rise of an Empire - 84s No Intro01:24$17.95$34.95
Rise of an Empire - Alt Ending01:42$19.95$39.95
Rise of an Empire - Orchestral Ending02:12$22.95$44.95
Rise of an Empire - Soft Choirs Ending02:33$22.95$44.95
Rise of an Empire - Soft Choirs Ending Ext02:44$22.95$44.95
Soldier of Fortune01:46$14.95$39.95
Spookey Orchestra01:15$14.95$29.95
Strike First01:30$17.95$34.95
Tales from the Forgotten Monastery03:22$16.95$33.95
Tales of Adventures and Epic Battles - 30s00:30$9.95$19.95
Tales of Adventures and Epic Battles - 40s00:40$11.95$23.95
Tales of Adventures and Epic Battles - 46s Loop00:46$11.95$23.95
Tales of Adventures and Epic Battles - 55s Flowing00:55$12.95$25.95
Tales of Adventures and Epic Battles - 55s Trailer Edition00:55$12.95$25.95
Tales of Adventures and Epic Battles - 60s Choir Trailer Edition01:00$13.95$27.95
Tales of Adventures and Epic Battles - 8s Stinger00:08$4.95$9.95
Tales of Adventures and Epic Battles - 90s Choir Trailer Edition01:30$14.95$29.95
Tales of Adventures and Epic Battles - 90s Flowing01:25$13.95$27.95
Tales of Adventures and Epic Battles - 90s Trailer Edition01:26$13.95$27.95
The Desecrated Sanctum01:40$19.95$39.95
The Great Adventures of Winterfall01:58$16.95$33.95
The War March01:35$14.95$29.95
Thrilling Action Stinger - 10s00:10$7.95$15.95
Time for Battle - 47s Power Ending00:47$9.95$19.95
To Battle - 1 Min01:09$13.95$27.95
To Battle - 2 Min02:13$16.95$33.95
To Battle - 30s00:30$9.95$19.95
To Battle - 30s Mighty Brass Staccato00:30$9.95$19.95
To Battle - 45s Mighty Brass00:45$11.95$23.95
To Battle - 60s01:00$13.95$27.95
Victory and Peace01:00$13.95$27.95
Victory Will Be Ours06:10$22.95$44.95
Victory Will Be Ours - 2 Min02:31$17.95$39.95
Wild Drums - 1 Min00:59$9.95$19.95
Wild Drums - 1 Min with Shouts00:59$9.95$19.95
Wild Drums - 35s00:35$7.95$14.95
Wild Drums - 35s with Shouts00:35$7.95$14.95
World Percussion Power - 10s00:08$4.95$9.95
World Percussion Power - 15s00:16$7.95$15.95
World Percussion Power - 28s00:28$8.95$17.95
World Percussion Power - 52s00:52$12.95$25.95
World Percussion Power - 52s Loop00:52$12.95$25.95

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