Spiritual and Religious

Choir music, that varies from romantic, peaceful to even a bit sad mood.
Tracks below are full length preview versions in 192 kbit MP3 with embedded watermarks.

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Title Length Approx.Price(+/- $10) Cart
Chapel of Light02:31$39.95
Chapel of Light - 1 Min01:20$19.95
Chapel of Light - 2 Min01:51$29.95
Emotional Moments - Choir No Intro00:57$14.95
Holy Sanctuary - Chanting Monks01:00$19.95
Holy Sanctuary - Heavenly Choir01:00$19.95
Holy Sanctuary - Monks and Heavenly Choir01:46$29.95
Hymn to the Creator02:15$29.95
Hymn to the Creator - Short Version00:55$19.95
Serene Majestic Beauty - 2 Min Choir01:51$29.95

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