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Title Play Length Personal
Acoustic Pirate02:23$8.95$17.95
Bouncy Little Tale - 37s Loop00:37$8.95$17.95
Bouncy Little Tale - 50s00:51$10.95$21.95
Bouncy Little Tale - 50s Loop00:50$10.95$21.95
Buccaneer's Song01:02$12.95$25.95
Buccaneer's Song - 2 Min02:01$14.95$29.95
Buccaneer's Song - 2 Min Loop01:54$14.95$29.95
Buccaneer's Song - 30s00:33$8.95$17.95
Buccaneer's Song - Vocals01:02$12.95$25.95
Carnival of Illusion01:00$9.95$19.95
Dancing Knight's Tavern01:52$14.95$29.95
Drunken Sailor's Tavern - 30s00:30$8.95$17.95
Drunken Sailor's Tavern - 30s Loop00:30$8.95$17.95
Drunken Sailor's Tavern - 60s01:00$12.95$25.95
Drunken Sailor's Tavern - 60s Loop01:00$12.95$25.95
Epic Intense Power - 10s Intro or Happy Ending00:10$6.95$13.95
Epic Intense Power - 6s Happy Ending00:06$4.95$9.95
Feasting Pirate's Den - Short Ending00:43$9.95$19.95
Feasting Pirate's Den - Short Loop00:41$9.95$19.95
For the Sake of Glory01:35$19.95$39.95
For the Sake of Glory - 16s00:16$8.95$17.95
For the Sake of Glory - 30s00:30$11.95$23.95
For the Sake of Glory - 53s Loop00:53$14.95$29.95
For the Sake of Glory - 60s01:00$17.95$34.95
For the Sake of Glory - 6s00:06$4.95$9.95
Funny and Tricky Adventure - 1 Min01:01$12.95$25.95
Funny Hectic - 30s Loop00:33$8.95$17.95
Funny Hectic - Loop01:20$12.95$25.95
Glory to the Brave One01:04$13.95$27.95
Glory to the Brave One - 30s00:30$9.95$19.95
Glory to the Brave One - 35s Loop00:34$9.95$19.95
Glory to the Brave One - 40s00:38$9.95$19.95
Glory to the Brave One - 45s00:45$11.95$23.95
Glory to the Brave One - Extended01:56$16.95$33.95
Go for Gold and Glory - 15s Sting00:15$8.95$17.95
Go for Gold and Glory - 2 Min02:10$22.95$44.95
Go for Gold and Glory - 2 Min With Intro02:23$22.95$44.95
Go for Gold and Glory - 30s00:29$11.95$23.95
Go for Gold and Glory - 60s01:00$17.95$34.95
Go for Gold and Glory - Loop01:47$22.95$44.95
Hey Ho - 10s Xylophone Accordion Brass00:10$6.95$13.95
Hey Ho - 5s Accordion00:05$4.95$9.95
Hey Ho - 5s Oboe Tuba00:05$4.95$9.95
Hey Ho - 5s Oompa Boompa Tuba00:05$4.95$9.95
Hey Ho - 5s Xylophone00:05$4.95$9.95
Hey Ho - 5s Xylophone Accordion00:05$4.95$9.95
Hum De Dum - 5s Pirate Choir00:06$4.95$9.95
Mischievous Deeds - 1 Min Bouncy00:57$10.95$21.95
Mischievous Deeds - 1 Min Bouncy Loop00:56$10.95$21.95
Mischievous Deeds - 30s00:32$8.95$17.95
Mischievous Deeds - 30s Loop00:32$8.95$17.95
Pirate Theme01:20$17.95$34.95
Pirate Theme - 1 Min Loop01:00$17.95$34.95
Pirate Theme - 10s Fanfare00:10$4.95$9.95
Pirate Theme - 30s00:30$11.95$23.95
Pirate Theme - 4s00:04$4.95$9.95
Pirate Theme - 8s00:08$4.95$9.95
Pirates in the Bay - 1 Min01:09$17.95$34.95
Pirates in the Bay - 1 Min Choir Loop00:58$14.95$29.95
Pirates in the Bay - 1 Min Choir with Intro01:09$17.95$34.95
Pirates in the Bay - 1 Min Choir with Intro Shouts01:09$17.95$34.95
Pirates in the Bay - 1 Min Loop00:58$14.95$29.95
Pirates in the Bay - 10s Stinger with Shouts00:10$8.95$17.95
Pirates in the Bay - 2 Min02:06$22.95$44.95
Pirates in the Bay - 30s00:30$11.95$23.95
Pirates in the Bay - 30s Choir00:30$11.95$23.95
Pirates in the Bay - 30s Choir Loop00:28$9.95$19.95
Pirates in the Bay - 30s Loop00:28$9.95$19.95
Poor Fisherman's Hut00:52$10.95$21.95
Poor Fisherman's Hut - Loop00:51$10.95$21.95
Quirky Little Tale02:30$16.95$33.95
Quirky Little Tale - 1 Min Loop Variant00:53$12.95$25.95
Quirky Little Tale - 1 Min Variant01:00$13.95$27.95
Quirky Little Tale - 2 Min Loop02:17$16.95$33.95
Quirky Little Tale - 30s Bassoon Accordion00:30$9.95$19.95
Quirky Little Tale - 30s Bassoon Accordion Flute00:30$9.95$19.95
Quirky Little Tale - 30s Flute Ending00:30$9.95$19.95
Quirky Little Tale - 50s00:50$12.95$25.95
Quirky Little Tale - 50s Loop00:51$12.95$25.95
Quirky Little Tale - 7s Accordion Ending00:07$4.95$9.95
Quirky Little Tale - 7s Bassoon Ending00:07$4.95$9.95
Quirky Little Tale - 7s Flute Ending00:07$4.95$9.95
Scotland My Home01:30$13.95$27.95
Scotland My Home - 10s Dark Intro or Outro00:09$4.95$9.95
Scotland My Home - 45s00:47$10.95$21.95
Scotland My Home - 45s Loop00:45$9.95$19.95
Scotland My Home - 6s Intro or Outro00:06$4.95$9.95
Scotland My Home - 8s Intro or Outro00:08$4.95$9.95
Scotland My Home - Bagpipe Solo01:31$13.95$27.95
Scotland My Home - Loop01:29$13.95$27.95
The Swaggering Pirate - 1 Min01:00$12.95$25.95
The Swaggering Pirate - 30s00:30$8.95$17.95
The Swaggering Pirate - 40s Loop00:40$9.95$19.95
Trickery Tricks - 1 Min01:00$12.95$25.95
Trickery Tricks - 1 Min Loop00:59$10.95$21.95
Trickery Tricks - 25s Flute00:26$7.95$15.95
Trickery Tricks - 35s Flute00:36$8.95$17.95
Trickery Tricks - 45s Flute00:46$9.95$19.95
Trickery Tricks - 45s Flute Loop00:45$9.95$19.95
Trickery Tricks - 45s Tuba Trombone00:47$9.95$19.95
Trickery Tricks - 45s Tuba Trombone Loop00:45$9.95$19.95
Tricky Adventure - 10s Gleeful Oboe00:09$4.95$9.95
Tricky Adventure - 5s Bassoon Strings00:05$4.95$9.95
Tricky Adventure - 5s Flute Gliss00:05$4.95$9.95
Tricky Adventure - 5s Gleeful Oboe00:05$4.95$9.95
We Drink for Treasure and Rum - 10s Pirate Choir00:10$7.95$15.95
We Drink for Treasure and Rum - 5s Pirate Choir00:05$4.95$9.95

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