Become an Affiliate - 35% provision on Sales!

Want to make money on someone elses work? No problem! Craze Music has something called Affiliate Bonus:
Linking or embedding the Craze Music web shop gives an affiliate share of 35% of the purchase value.
Yep - 35% - you got it right. A mighty Win-Win situtation where the affiliates gets a big part while Craze Music gets more exposure. At the time of writing this, there are around 1000 music tracks on site, and the site is continously growing.

Example: if someone buys a couple of tracks for a total of $100 originating from one of your affiliate links, you will get $35 right off from that purchase.

How does this work?

Sounds like magic? Not really. It's a well proven concept making use of an "affiliate tag". You only need:

  • An "affiliate tag" which is a number from PayLoadz to track your sales. Read here on how to get it.
  • A PayPal account to receive your payments. Create here if needed.

Once you have your affiliate ID tag, make sure to append it whenever you link to Craze Music by appending: &aff_id=YourAffiliateNumber, and if the Craze Music link ends with ".php", you must also type a question-mark "?" after PHP.
Example, assuming your Affiliate ID is "123", your link could be:

Also put your affiliate id into your own bookmark of Craze Music, so whenever you surf to Craze Music to share/link some cool track, your affiliate ID will be part of that link. Then when someone follows your link, your affiliate ID is kept all the way while browsing Craze Music. It means Craze Music knows that YOU shall get 35% of the sales for any purchases from that customer. Actually, it gets even better: if a customer bookmarked Craze Music through your links, your affilaite ID will also be part of that bookmark forever(!) which means that any future purchases going from that customer's bookmark will forever give you bonus on those future sales as well! Now, isn't that awesome!?

Links and Social Media shares

All tracks, categories and search pages have social media share-buttons, ready for use, so you can easily share a track on Facebook/Twitter/Google+/Whatever! Make sure to have your own affiliate id tag in your URL (&aff_id=YourNumber), then simply press share on a cool track or whatever-page, and your affiliate ID will be part of that link! Easy as that! Share links to favorite tracks, categories, etc, as often as you can and want to. You could for example have some "Track of the Week" sharing. See this link for examples. [Download here]

Create Your Own Mirror Shop or Partial Emedding of Craze Music

In one single iframe row, you can embed the whole or parts of the Craze Music site, getting your own mirror shop. Yep, anyone can create a 100% legal referral-mirror of the Craze Music site (full mirror site example) to make 35% commission of sold tracks as long as the actual sale is done through this affiliate system. Make sure to use the affiliate ID in the iframe-row.
Visit the links below with examples. [Download here]

Check out the super simple and compact iframe below that embeds the Craze Music site:


Total calculated monthly affiliate earnings are paid out to affiliate's PayPal account the 5th of next month.
Note: Should a transaction be reversed by PayPal due to illegal login/purchase, it will not be paid out as Craze Music gets no money from the purchase. Craze Music will then send documentation of the reversed transaction to the affiliate. (This has only happened once throughout the whole history of the Craze Music web shop.)

Forbidden Exploits

A buyer is not allowed to exploit the system by registering as Affiliate just to get a price cut on a purchase. Buyers where this is suspected or obvious will be contacted by Craze Music and the affiliate tag will be blocked from further payouts. If you have any questions regarding this, feel free to Contact Craze Music.

Proof of Concept

If you think this sounds too good to be true, Contact Craze Music and we can set up a test session. You can also do a simple test yourself, doing a "dry simulation":

  • 1. Create your own real affiliate ID or just pretend that you have one - say "12345".
  • 2. Surf to the Craze Music main page and append your aff_id tag in the URL, e.g.
  • 3. Do some searching or click a category and browse to any music track.
  • 4. Verify that the affiliate tag is still part of the URL.
  • 5. Now hold the mouse-pointer over the shopping-basket without clicking.
It should then display something like where the first number represents the product id at PayLoadz and the second number is your affiliate ID at PayLoadz. If this is the case, it's all good.

Reservations for Change in Terms

The exact numbers and strategy outlined in this document is not a legal binding committment by Craze Music. It is a start-up strategy, and at the moment there is no plan on lowering the affiliate bonus. The affiliate bonus percent may vary between different fellow composers, and it may change up or down. You can, at any time, check all music tracks on the PayLoadz site and see their current affiliate payout bonus. At the time of writing this, all music tracks are set to 35 percent of the full price.
Should the affiliate system be abused somehow, it may be subject of termination. This mechanism is also dependent on 3rd party sites, and Craze Music cannot guarantee that their service is continued or carried out in the same way in the future.