Battle Loops x10

Battle Loops x1010 uniqe perfectly seamless Fat Action Battle loops (16, including variants) in the length 0:30-2:00. We have the typical battlefield/fight moods: dangerous, threatening, stressful, intense, driving, dramatic, forceful and heated. Orchestration: powerful foreboding brass, epic thrilling strings of tension, vengeful pompous timpani, and the suspenseful cymbals ringing the bells of war and confrontation!
---> Professionally mastered tracks
---> Authentic orchestral instruments

Normal Total price for all unique titles: $253

Music Pack price: $25 (Save $228!!)

Download Full Pack and License HERE: $253 $25

Pack contents:
Title Play Length License Price
Age of Darkness - 1 Min Loop Choir01:00$31.95
Age of Darkness - 40s Loop00:41$24.95
Age of Darkness - Loop01:32$34.95
Core of the Epic Battle - 90s Loop01:29$27.95
Core of the Epic Battle - 90s Loop Choir01:29$27.95
For the Sake of Glory - 53s Loop00:53$31.95
Hunt, Fight and Flee - 1 Min loop01:14$24.95
Hunt, Fight and Flee - 2 Min loop02:03$29.95
Intensive Battle - 35s Loop00:35$19.95
Middle of the Battle - 30s Loop with Fighting Noise00:30$19.95
Middle of the Battle - 47s Loop00:47$19.95
Ready to Battle the Giants - 35s Loop00:36$19.95
Revenge of the Night Stalker - 40s Loop00:40$19.95
Revenge of the Night Stalker - 80s Loop01:20$27.95
Threatening Path of Sorrow - 1 Min Loop01:01$24.95
Time for Battle - 30s Loop00:28$14.95

Download Full Pack and License HERE: $253 $25


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