Embed the Craze Music Web Shop - 35% provision on all sales!

You only need 1 single HTML row to create your fully legal mirror webshop of Craze Music (www.craze.se).
You get 35% of the sales income whenever a sale is done through your mirror shop, and you will get paid monthly through PayPal.
Read the Affiliate Bonus System on how to Create an AffiliateID to track your links/sales and getting paid.
Copy the iframe-row from here (examples.zip) onto your page. Replace the example Affiliate ID '123' with your own.

[Example 1 - Search Music] [Example 2 - All Categories] [Example 3 - Favorite Category]
[Example 4 - Full Site Mirror] [Example 5 - Black Theme] [Example 6 - Favorite Track]

If a full iframe/webshop takes too much space you can link to site/tracks/categories from your site or social media pages.
That's all. Then sit back, relax and make money on somebody else's work. :-)

Example 5 - Black/Orange Theme. Starting from the "Search Music" page, the line below gives the Black/Orange theme (setting "theme=4"). Theme=0 is default. Other theme numbers are undefined.